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The Best Need for Speed Games to Play

Tricking out the engine, changing the rims, and adding NOS to your car. Seems like something difficult to do in person, isn’t it? Lucky for you, you can do all of that in all your favorite Need for Speed games. You can find some Need for Speed games remastered on the PlayStation Store, to download them you need to have an internet connection that is fast enough to download them as fast as possible. That is where you should consider a brilliant internet service such as Windstream to make the best out of your internet experience.

Coming back to the best Need for Speed games, here are some of the best ones yet and why you should be playing them:

Need for Speed (2015)

The reboot changed everything for the Need for Speed series. This reboot was released on the PlayStation 4 and showed how superior the graphics in the game could be. Even though the actors seemed a bit cringe, the game was still really interesting to play. The game featured real-life racers from around the world such as Magnus Walker and their iconic car builds. Speaking of car builds, the game even introduced brilliant customization methods that allowed you to build the car of your dreams.

One drawback of the game was that it was set in the nighttime throughout the story; there wasn’t even a moment of the day in the game which got annoying at certain points. Other than that, the game features some overpowered cars, which make it a surreal experience to cruise around when you aren’t racing other people.

Need for Speed Payback

The game which was set as a revenge story. Need for Speed Payback was released after the 2015 Need for Speed and learning from their previous mistakes, they added daytime to the game which made it an aesthetically pleasing experience to play. It was fairly easier to make money in Payback, which in return meant that you could customize your car as easily as you could. You could even buy more cars if you had enough bank. Not only can you buy cars for racing but you can buy cars for drifting, drag races, and even offroad races.

Another interesting element of the games was the addition of derelict cars throughout the map. Once you find a derelict car in the game, you have to find all the parts spread across the map and once you find all of them, you can head to the garage and build the car according to what you want it to be, a race car, a drag car, a drift car, a runner or an off-road car.

Need for Speed Heat

The last game to have been released before Need for Speed Unbound, this game took things a step further as they added nerve-wracking police chases in the game. In the daytime, you can make as much money as you want but in the nighttime, you make more REP than money, which allows you to level up so that you could unlock better parts for your car. The more your REP is in the game, the better parts you could have in your car so that it could be as fast as possible.

However, at certain points, the police chases get too annoying as they make it nearly impossible for you to escape the cops. They ram into your car until it is totaled, and due to that you end up losing a lot of money as a bribe and you don’t make that much REP either.

Need for Speed Rivals

The game that gives you a choice of either being a racer or a cop. If you opt to be a racer, you can trick out your car to make it as fast as possible so that you could use it in illegal street races and earn money and REP. You also get chased by the cops and you need to make sure you escape them every time. However, if you opt to be a cop instead, you get a cop car with cop AI tools that allow you to catch racers and you need to be as fast as the racers are in order to catch up to them.

In the storyline, you get to explore the perspectives of both a racer and a cop and what limits they would go to so that they could achieve what they want, driving freedom for the racer and putting racers behind bars for the cop. Since this game gives you the best of both worlds, it is a must-have Need for Speed game!

Wrapping Up

If you are someone who takes a lot of interest in cars and thinks that you are a car enthusiast, then Need for Speed is most certainly the game for you to play. The most recent installment in the series was Need for Speed Unbound, which you should most certainly check out as soon as you can. The game has very different graphics this time, something you would have already seen in Spiderman Into the Spiderverse.

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