How to create a blog for beginners ( Step by step)

At this stage of time we are gonna write and learn about blogging, I have been blogging from a very long period of time and today I want many of people who are very keen to start their blogging journey. So what is blogging, its writing articles with content which are under your purpose of creating the blog site where people read, enjoy, share your blog stuff and you can also make some good money not just little even big amount if you have a great catch among the audience and they love it as well you should be knowing how to get the best out of your site.


So basically what we discuss is that, our aim for the blogging and if you want to perform if you have to be consistent and give good time to it regularly, it can be done as hobby or as a job too as it gets the amount as much the time you invest, you can even get a great amount with minimal investment of time but to get that you need a lot of skills and experience. Before starting your own blog most of us have been tried working as a freelancer so many of us know what ways of a content writer can help you get more traffic but yet the tools and tricks are just a boost everything depends all upon your content. So if you wanna begin it with the best out of you then don’t miss this one!

Domain and host

So if you are all about to begin blogging it won’t be possible without a domain and host, of course, there are several domain companies that any domain name that can be used for your site. The most popular and the secure domain is said to be the .com domain.

Alison having a domain isn’t enough, you’ll also have to air it on the Internet where your blogs and cloud data for the sites hold and you can regularly keep on adding data and blogs to there and further update and do it all and this is called hosting. I suggest not to use free hosting as their services are quite very limited but rather taking a paid one is the better choice with better features and offers to get. Choosing domain and hosting alone means you’ll be choosing a perfect name to your blogging spot so that people can easily reach you out or your site from the name!

How To Choose Domain And Host?


Whenever you blog you have to be very careful with several things such as data size, data length, no. Of pictures, tables to be created or not, feedback sections, content, topic, writing skills, etc these all combined together with forms an Article posted on a blog! So if you have a good writing skill your 50% job is done!

Writing must be seemed to be very easy but trust me it’s very hard. You start with a good bang of words but very soon you run out of words and your articles go boring or even very short that can’t be useful as sometimes you people need some things to be understood till depth as that’s what it attracts people and if you are able to get the context of their bottom of heart you won the war!

People will share your article if they like it or if they find it useful, so you’ll be always focused on adding things what’s useful and removing what’s not! And writing article for unique topic or unique styles for similar topics is the best and simplest way to get that grip on.

There are many free article generator sites that can help you get your work easy in the start but yet writing it manually is the best to have

SEO Tools

As mentioned earlier on the portion of the article few article sites get you to get the hell on Article portion despite manual writing always has been the king over computer generated ones though this tool was of great help. Another major tool  am gonna talk about is an SEO tool

You can use this thing to get your content plag check so that your writings don’t offend anyone if they find similarity in a greater amount, also if you have a weak grammar while writing then this tools help you Check the grammar too this is one of the very useful tools for bloggers out there.

Using free SEO tools and get you to gather a great and wide amount of visitor but having a paid one is the best option as you get better traffic results in the better catch of audience to your articles if the contents are worth the try. There are plenty of ⚙ you can go for SEO.

How To Rank Your Content In Search Engine?

Monetize with ads


Adsense is literally used for monetizing your website. World’s most popular Adsense is Google Adsense they are paying a good amount for better works and there are certain terms and conditions to have a Google Adsense active account as you have either a YouTube channel or a website or a blogging site, Adsense if best to make money off it and it’s very secure to use.

How to visible ads on your blog instantly? Best alternative for Adsense.

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