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5 Ways To Create A Complete Eye Makeup Look With Only Eye Kajal

Kajal is one of the go-to, simple, yet most efficient products to be used in the eyes for creating an awesome kind of link. Even though there are quite a lot of eye makeup options and choices available, kajal will be the most important look which will help in defining the completion of the makeup look. So, if you are planning to wear a kajal for the first time, then this will help in creating bold and beautiful eyes.

There are quite different types of kajal available from gel products to pencil kajal products. You can apply it on the inner line of the lower eyelids. Most of us miss the water line of the upper eyelids. But doing them makes your eyes enhanced and beautiful at the same time. There are also different colours available and you can choose accordingly. Also, plain kajal would be healthy and safe compared to the glittery and shining kind of kajal products. If you are having sensitive eyes, choosing organic or natural kajal eye pencils will work and at the same time be safe too! Creating a complete eye makeup look with only eye kajal is definitely possible

Here are the ways to create a complex eye makeup look with kajal:

  1. Eyes are one of the important parts that will help in making your overall look shining and enhanced. Make sure to cleanse your eyes properly, and give a 2 min ice cube massage.
  2. Now use any eye cream so your dry eyes would become moisturised and hydrated. And now give a circular and anti-circular massage for the eyes.
  3. Use a matching or one-tone higher concealer to cover your dark circles. Dab it well so that there are no patches found. 
  4. Now, it’s time to add kajal to your eyes. And there are quite a lot of ways to use them:
  • Just slide the kajal from one end to another in the water line. This will give you a light kajal look which will be simple yet visible to the eyes. Doing them from inner eyes to outer eyes will make your eye look beautiful and at the same time simple.
  • If you want it to be thick and clear, then slide the kajal again 2 to 3 times, until you reach the needed pigment level.
  • If you are not much with eyeliner, then go with kajal itself on the upper eyelids. Get your hands on this coloured kajal, and you can apply it to the upper eyelids to match your kind of outfit.
  • Apply kajal along your lower lash line and then smudge it with a brush or your finger. This will create a sultry and smoky effect that will make your eyes look more defined.
  • Use the kajal to create two lines along the upper lash line. Draw a thin line along the upper lash line and then draw a thicker line above it. This will create a double-lined effect that will make your eyes look more dramatic and defined.
  • Use the kajal to tightline your upper lash line. This involves applying the kajal on the waterline of your upper eyelid, which will make your lashes appear thicker and fuller. You can also apply kajal on the lower waterline if you want a more intense look.
  • Create a winged eyeliner effect with the kajal. Draw a line along the upper lash line and then extend it slightly outwards and upwards to create a wing. You can keep the line thin or make it thicker for a more dramatic effect.
  1. Now if you like to add any kind of colour, then you can just apply dark-coloured lipsticks on the eyelids to make them covered with a kind of tint.

Overall, there are many ways to use kajal to create a complete eye makeup look. These techniques can be adjusted to create a variety of different effects, so feel free to experiment and find what works best for you!

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