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The Almost Perfect Yoga Studio


The health and fitness industry are in boom these days. Aside from the proliferation of modern weight loss centers, neighborhood gyms and all sorts of diets, there are also other forms of exercise that are decidedly old, such as yoga.

Yoga is probably one of the oldest practices known to mankind but before it was just reserved to Zen masters. Times passed and soon changed things. At present, yoga is practiced by a lot of people including big names in the entertainment and sports industries and soon everyone followed suit. Often times depicted in movies as the activity that saves a crazy life of a high powered individual who no longer has time for the serene has found it in yoga. Yoga is now viewed as a hip way to de-stress. If before we find yoga only in encyclopedias or serious publications now teen magazines like Cleo, sophisticated publications like Cosmopolitan and even Oprah’s monthly carry stories about yoga.

Because of these developments, yoga studios are also sprouting like mushrooms so one should take his or her time before signing up in a yoga studio. Unlike weight loss centers, there are many variations in yoga so finding several yoga studios in the same area is no surprise. This is actually good for those wanting to sign up because the issue of accessibility is now out of question and the more pressing issue is which yoga studio to choose.

Popular kinds of yoga

Some of the more popular kinds of yoga are Kripalu, Ashtanga Yoga, Bikram and Power Yoga. Each of these has unique qualities so it all depends on what suits you best. Apart from the kind of yoga that a studio specializes in, there is also a need to research on the background of the yoga studio where you are planning to sign up.

One of the important things to look into is how experienced are the masters who will be teaching in the yoga studio. The more experienced the yoga masters, the better because you are assured that you are in good hands. One of the most influential and innovative yoga masters is B. K. S. Iyengar Yoga and his brand of yoga – Iyengar Yoga – is what is mainly taught in The Yoga Studio. Iyengar was also chosen as one of Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in April 2004. This is the kind of experience that you should look for in the line-up of yoga masters in any yoga studio.

5 Ways To Attract New Customers To Your Yoga Studio

Practicing yoga has become very popular over the last few years. The key to getting customers to your yoga studio is to differentiate yourself and stand out. In order to attract customers, you need to showcase your certified instructors and all of the advantages your studio has to offer to potential and existing clients. The best way to do this is to create a yoga website which will be the venue to convey to viewers what you have to offer and why they should be coming to your studio.

Here are some ways to attract new customers to your yoga studio:

1. Highlight key features of your studio
Clearly express what you offer at your studio, including various types of yoga, specialized classes, workshops, training sessions, etc. Highlighting the benefits of practicing yoga will encourage people to want to come to your studio and try it out. It is important that you state the target audience your studio caters to, whether it be beginners, intermediate, advanced, or all three. You should state how long your studio has been in operation as this brings credibility. People will want to practice yoga from experts. By allowing viewers and customers to learn about instructors backgrounds, why they started yoga, their certifications and awards, and where they have taught yoga, will generate interest and draw in customers. Scheduling and pricing information should be clearly visible to viewers.

Yoga studio

Another thing that you should look for in a yoga studio is that if they have the proper props for the different classes. This is so because yoga props available in yoga studios affect the members’ level of comfortability while undergoing sessions. Proper yoga props also lessen or totally prevent injuries from happening. Yoga classes being offered should also be about progressive learning. The sessions should also focus on building strong backs because the back particularly the spine is the essence of a strong body.

Some yoga studios go as far as offer video and audio materials to members. This is very helpful so that even when members are too busy to go to the studio they can do their exercises at home or the more diligent students can study in preparation for their classes. If all the things mentioned can be found in a yoga studio then go to the next level of inquiry that is signing up and then consistently attend sessions to feel the wonderful effects of yoga.

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