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The importance of quiet time

I remember going to pantomime with my sisters’ children a few years ago. They couldn’t quiet books sit still, fidgeted and were bored. They were so used to getting a lot of special effects stimuli on TV and computers, so used to getting up and having a drink or something to eat whenever the thought occurred to them that the ability to sit still and watch something calmly a foreign word was concept for them. And many children feel the same way.

Much of what we do these days is fast, interactive and stimulating with all the information that is made available to us. Often all we have to do is sit down and record everything. We don’t have to think too much about what we’re seeing because it’s all provided for us.

Let’s consider some ways to restore balance and bring some calm into our lives:

– Eat together as a family. Many families do not have a dining table. Everyone eats different meals at different times and sometimes that has to be due to circumstances. Try planning some meals together. Turn off the TV and enjoy quiet times eating together as a family. Or talk. This time also provides an opportunity to bond as a family. To find out what’s happening in each other ‘s lives , to plan things together, to find out if someone is worried or unhappy.

– In a close relationship, quiet times are a way to demonstrate intimacy and a special bond. A time to feel relaxed and comfortable in each other’s company when words are not required. As opposed to the awkward silence and discomfort of being quiet in a strained or unfamiliar relationship.

– Read a book. Reading requires imagination. We have to fill in the gaps, the images ourselves. Movies and computers provide all the information and more so that we don’t have to use our imaginations when we see them. A book will only give an overview, no matter how thorough it may be. We have to provide the look, sound and smell of the scenes ourselves. It requires commitment, effort.

– Sit still. Turn off the computer and TV for an hour a day. Maybe look out the window, dream, ponder, listen to music .

– Do nothing. Sitting still and doing nothing is important. Okay, there’s always a lot to do, but sometimes it’s important to sit still and do nothing. It allows the body to be calm and relaxed. Our body needs to take time to attend to internal functions such as healing, digestion, growth and renewal on a regular basis. Being still allows these activities to be carried out more comfortably. And doing nothing allows our bodies to de-stress and move into a healthier state. It may take a little time to get used to this new behavior, but by sticking to this important practice, your mind and body will be able to appreciate the quiet time more.

– It’s okay to be bored occasionally. It allows all mental stimuli to calm down, all the activity and urgency of rushing and over-stress to subside. And when we’re constantly stimulated, we remain unfazed by life’s small daily miracles happening around us. We lose sight of the small vignettes of a robin on the fence, two children playing or a beautiful cloud formation. When we stop and maybe get bored, we can see things with clear eyes again.

It may take a little time to get used to this new behavior, but if you stick to this important practice, your mind and body will learn to appreciate quiet time more and become healthier and calmer as a result.

Susan Leigh is a counselor and hypnotherapist who works with

– stressed individuals to promote self-confidence and self-confidence ,

– Couples in crisis situations to improve communication and Jungle Quiet Book understanding

– with business customers to support the health and motivation of individuals and teams

Tony Dungy’s book Quiet Strength was quite a surprising read for me. There wasn’t the detailed footballing intricacies that I originally expected, but I enjoyed the way the points and information were Montessori busy book presented. I identified on every level, personally, in the Christian faith, as a rookie soccer player and as a professional. A great read if you are interested in biography or personal development.

This is a personal story about Tony Dungy, the current National Football League head coach of the Indianapolis Colts. The story doesn’t kill you with superfluous details, but it does start early in his life. To convey the ideas and messages to the reader in a fun, educational, and personal way, the book is sincerely written from that point of view. I found the book easy to read, engage with and experience the emotion that Tony portrays as he narrates the events of his interesting life.

What really surprised me about this book was the expression of Tony’s strong Christian faith and the influential role God has played in his life from early to present. It was so interesting to read about his long journey in a short book that included Tony’s strong Christian faith, his sharing the message of Jesus Christ across many platforms, and his active participation. I was pleasantly surprised, rather delighted and personally impressed by his experience.

I’m not as big a football fan as my wife.

In fact, I often refer to myself as an NFL widower during the season. Well, now that we have the NFL channel, this “season” lasts all year. We are currently looking at as many preseason games as possible. Imagine trying to watch 54 games in 26 days. Needless to say, my wife is in seventh heaven. Now to my point, I learned a great deal about soccer from Quiet Strength, although the book is by no means a “soccer” book. What I mean is that the book isn’t mostly about the intricacies of football and business. Yes, you can go behind the scenes, but again, this is all about Tony Dungy and the people he’s interacted with throughout his career. You will find that you will recognize either players or coaches who have been and still are in this profession. I thought that was funny.

With a full 301 pages of hardcover and 16 pages of color photographs, Tony’s life and important people are captured with captions. I really enjoyed seeing the people he talks about in the book. I felt like it connected me a little bit more and gave me a sense of personal connection with him and his life.

I want to share with you what really struck me while reading this book. First it was his powerful personal Christian journey, then it was the behind-the-scenes look at the NFL and coaching, and finally I took away the statements Tony had posted on the locker room wall in Tampa Bay. “Do what we do.” “Whatever is necessary.” “No excuses, no explanations . In order to capture such great meaning and impact, we have so few simple words here. Also, I found a quote on a handout from Tony to his Tampa Bay Bucs team just before a game with the Chicago Bears that really affected me personally. You must read it on pages 124 and 125. I am sure it will influence you if you are at all interested in personal development.

In summary, I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants a very positive, motivating, and personally influencing experience. As I said before, the little nuggets of gold that you will find by reading this book are very personal and can have a powerful impact on your thinking and your life. I’ve found that I now have an even greater respect Doll House Quiet Book for Tony Dungy, the NFL and all coaches in the profession, and it was so cool to actually recognize many of the coaches’ and players’ names even though I’m just a beginner in football . Read, enjoy the experience and have fun.

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