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The Shocking Truth About Travel Blogging in the USA

The idea of becoming a travel blogger is so tempting that sometimes you want to leave the routine of everyday life and go on an endless journey, like one of them. However, the impression created by travel bloggers on the Internet is misleading. You don’t know the other side of cute photos and mesmerizing videos. What does American travel blogging mean, and which of the stories about the life of a blogger is true? Find out the startling truth about travel blogging in this article.

How to understand the life of a travel blogger?

You will never know the other side of the coin without experiencing this life. Try living like a travel blogger for a few days before dreaming of free hotels and a huge salary. Bright Orlando is perfect for an attempt at self-realization in this area. Attractions and leisure activities variety will create many ideas for photos and posts.
To describe your experience, you need to look fresh and feel good. For the sake of comfort, it is better to rent a car to move freely around the city and make fascinating trips to the suburbs away from tourist routes. Consider renting a car from Avis MCO Airport and start your blogging life as soon as you arrive.

Risks of huge competition

Trying yourself as a travel blogger, you need to think about a unique niche. In the United States, the dream of a carefree blogging life and sponsored living has been tempting to many lately. As a result, much low-quality content appeared on the network – monotonous blogs with bots instead of enthusiastic subscribers.
The competition grew a lot, and the audience was confused by the offers and upset by their quality. To become a real travel blogger, you should not chase recognition. You must love traveling honestly, write well, look presentable, and be a workaholic. To have a chance to get a large audience and make a profit in this area, you need to identify a unique niche with little competition.
For example, when you come to Orlando, you can observe animals in this habitat or look for beautiful, unpopular places in the suburbs. Find a good option among cars for rent in Orlando to explore all the untrodden roads and highlight your originality.

How long is the working day of a travel blogger

It’s hard to believe, but bloggers (popular ones especially) are real workaholics. People who consider blogging as a hobby usually have an office job. The basis of popularity is the regularity and quality of content and the attitude to this activity as a business. You can make money on a travel blog only by perceiving it as a means of online marketing.

This means that you will have many meetings with potential sponsors, which will be possible after gaining audience popularity and an infinite number of messages. In addition to a captivating style of writing, you also need to master:

  • Marketing basics.
  • Basics of SEO to get in the first lines in the search engine.
  • Maintaining social networks.
  • Punctuality and high self-organization.
  • Stress resistance (you will have to communicate a lot with different people in different environments – this is not easy).
  • Photo and video shooting.
  • Programs for photo processing and video editing.

Most travel bloggers spend more time at work than the average office worker with a fixed schedule. Blogging is a creative profession where no one limits your time and opportunities. It’s great to enjoy doing it, but you’ll notice that your work time is much larger than your free time. The blog takes a lot of emotional and physical resources because it is difficult to limit yourself to time if hobbies and work are the same.

Does a travel blogger enjoy life?

Behind a beautiful picture lies hard work and endless travel. Popular bloggers become so overwhelmed that they finally hire a big team of professionals to help (operators, marketers, chat administrators, and professional photographers).
Maintaining a balance between work and relationships is hard because you are constantly on the road spending a bit of free time in relaxation and solitude. Realizing the problem, most bloggers no longer live by traveling daily. Having arranged an active holiday, you can spend several months at home publishing posts according to a plan. To save time and do everything planned for the blogging experiment, travel mobile using car rental offers. 

What does a travel blogger see while traveling?

In professional blogging, travel turns into work. You no longer see a picturesque place but a good shot instead. At the same time, your thoughts about the previous post and the last ten messages haunt you, and instead of sleeping after a long walk, you continue to write posts at night.
While everyone is waiting for a vacation to travel and relax, a travel blogger is resting in the serenity of home or taking trips that will not be included in the blog. If you are tired of endless photo shoots in Orlando, treat yourself to such a vacation. Look at the world without a camera lens, using cheap cars for rent to take a break from the hustle and bustle in one of the beautiful parks for which this city is famous.


After learning these shocking facts about travel blogging and the high competition in this area in the USA, it’s hard not to give up. However, if you feel this is a calling and are willing to spend vast resources to blog well – try it!

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