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Tips to get Data entry jobs in Chennai

data entry job

The data entry job is very important in any organization that works with computer data. Simply put, the job of a data entry person is to correctly input a set of data into a given format. This is one of the most entry-level jobs you can get in this computer-related industry as well as other industries like healthcare where a large number of data needs to be manually entered every day. Chennai has lots of job listings when it comes to data entry jobs and if you are looking for such an opening in this city, here are some tips that will come in handy.

But before you read about the tips, let’s first see some basic requirements, types and what data entry all is about.

What is a data entry job?

Any job where a person has to manually add, edit or verify electronic data to a computer, or any database is a data entry job. Now that most industries are becoming digitalized, there is a huge demand for people to do the job of entering raw data into digital format.

What qualification or skill set does one need for a data entry job?

Data entry jobs don’t need very high educational qualifications. A high school education is enough to get a data entry job in Chennai, though a college education will always be preferred over someone who has studied until class 12. If your educational qualification is lower, you should have certification in Microsoft Excel and Word or in any such software that is widely used in the industry. And of course, you will need great typing speed.

Are there different types when it comes to data entry jobs?

Not all data entry jobs are the same. Some are remote data entry which is perfect for those who are looking to work from home. Then there are in-house data entry jobs where you have to be in the office to do your job. Such a job is mostly full-time, but you can also find part-time jobs like this as well. As for the different types of data entry tasks they are:

  • Data Tagging
  • Data Annotation
  • Data Capture
  • Data Transcription
  • Data Logging
  • Data Processing
  • Data Cleansing

Now that you know the basics of the data entry industry, let’s see some tips on how to land a great data entry job in Chennai.

  • To start with, the first tip is of course regarding your typing speed. Good typing speed is a must in this industry. Microsoft Word is the best software to practice your typing. Interestingly, playing online games can help you practice your typing speed and eye-hand coordination. To have a decent job in the data entry industry, you should have at least a speed of 35 words per minute.
  • Gaining computer skills will increase your value in the job market. As said before, if you have done certified courses in Microsoft Excel and Word, your job prospects will be better. There is different other software which is used predominantly in the offices which you can do courses on. There are many online tutorials on such software which you can take guidance from. However, doing certified courses from a reputed place will always be better than self-learning.
  • Lastly, you will need to be very diligent when looking for a data entry job in Chennai. That is because there are many scams and fraud offer for data entry jobs that you need to be aware of. So, before you go for any interview for a data entry operator, thoroughly research the company. A legitimate company will provide you with a physical address, working phone numbers and online presence. And refrain from providing your details like Aadhar card no or bank details before you have verified the company, no matter how enticing their job offer is. One more way to spot a fake data entry job is if they ask you to pay first for some “training”. A genuine company will never ask for money for either a training program, administrative charges, or certification. Always remember, if an offer is too good to be true, it is mostly a scam.

So, these are some tips regarding how to find a data entry job in Chennai. Hope these help you to find the best job in this industry for yourself.

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