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Top 10 Thoughtful Diwali Gifts For 2022

gifts for diwali

Diwali is already here! the season of the year when you revamp everything- from your curtains to furniture of the house . You throw away whatever you rarely use in order to create room for the gifts you get during Diwali. This could amaze anyone  to witness how quickly the empty areas of the house get filled with new furniture once  again and then overflows with Diwali gifts items. 

Not everyone likes to dress up, and not everyone wants an additional set of Diwali candles. You can consider what the recipient would appreciate on the auspicious festival of lights. It could be anything as simple as a new frying pan for someone who enjoys experimenting in the kitchen or a plant and a book on how to care for a garden for someone who enjoys gardening. It is never about the monetary value of a gift, instead it is always about the thought and emotion that has been invested by the person giving the gift- is all that matters. 

We are ready with a list of top gifts for Diwali this year. Read On! 


Reading is a common habit and it has multiple benefits. Books are an all time favorite gift option  for bookworms. We all have at least one booklover in our group or family. Children’s picture  books,  best sellers for  and coffee table books,  cookery and gardening books are all available. Just make sure you are somewhat familiar with their hobbies and reading likes and dislikes. Gift books to your loved ones as a Diwali gift. 

Eco Friendly Diyas

Why not buy some eco- friendly diyas or a clay Ganesha idol this Diwali? After all, Diwali should always be about making everyone smile, not just your family and close friends, also our surroundings. We can even add these diyas to Diwali gift hampers. 

Personalized Diwali Gift Items 

A personalized gift builds a strong connection with the recipient and leaves a lasting impression on them. They are special kinds of gifts. They not only talk about the gift, but speak volumes about the time and affection invested by the giftee. Diwali gifts items can be personalized too. 

Fragrant Candles

The best decor items for creating a welcoming atmosphere, nice aroma, and happiness are scented candles. To create a pleasant atmosphere on this special occasion, scented candles can be put at the corners, side, and center tables in living rooms, common areas, and balconies. You can choose from a variety of online websites to give your loved ones an aromatic Diwali gift. 

Sweets And Chocolates

You can opt for getting delicious sweets for Diwali from the  best neighborhood stores  from your city’s colorful and unique lanes. Try making some at home. Use some of the recipes and lessons available online. Making them yourself is the best option, even though it does take some time. Place them in vibrant containers or boxes and give it to your neighbors and friends as a yummy Diwali gift. 

Home Decor Items For Diwali 

You can give your loved ones home decor items for Diwali! if you want to gift something classy and sophisticated. Home decor items like quirky wine stoppers, elaborate platters, creative appetizer serving trays, and quirky jars for keeping nuts. You can also gift to your loved ones Himalayan salt lamps, silver trays or candle holders! 

Diwali Pooja Thali

On the auspicious occasion of Diwali, you can choose  a Diwali pooja thali to unload the last moment hassle of the puja. This is a perfect Diwali gift as it can be used for other pujas too. The women of the family will be super happy to get a pooja thali as a gift on this auspicious day. 

Colorful String Lights

With lights, nothing can go wrong, and around Diwali, one can never have enough. Selecting vibrant string lights with a unique form and design as opposed to a regular one will work wonders. They are perfect for festivities of Diwali and would add a charming touch to the decor. You can hang them on the door, spiralize them on the plants, or spin in a vase.

Good Luck Items

In the Chinese-inspired artwork Feng Shui, the charming and imaginative figures are frequently seen as representations of happiness and luck. They are common in Indian families and make excellent corporate presents. The tortoise, three-legged frog, fortunate bamboo, laughing buddha, and chimes are some of the most well-known feng shui symbols. They make perfect Diwali gifts. 


Playing cards or organizing card parties around Diwali is a tradition. Consider creating a set of personalized cards in their favorite color that are monogrammed with their initials to give them as Diwali gifts. They will be very appreciative of your efforts to make this gift really special.

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