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Top Camping Sites in Jaisalmer The Golden City


Jaisalmer Jaisalmer: Golden City is a town located in Rajasthan, India. It is situated within the middle of the Thar Desert which is the most beautiful Indian Desert and is set on a yellow brown Sandstone.

It is also set in the midst of Jaisalmer Fort. Jaisalmer Fort. The town is referred to as the city of gold because of its design since temples, forts and the city’s havelis, are built from the same rock it rests on, which makes it appear golden as the city glows due to the light sunlight. Jaisalmer is a major tourist destination despite its extreme temperatures.

The city is known for its festivals, food, traditional dance and fire shows, full of stars desert sports and more. Another feature that makes the city a comfortable place in the desert is the luxurious camping. The campers are always welcomed by the locals in their traditional dress representing Rajasthan, India with folded hands in a salute and shouting “padharo mahare desh”.

While the majority of people are looking to spend their vacations here during summer it is highly recommended to visit between January and February since the largest desert festival is held at this time of the year.

The most popular camping spots in Jaisalmer are

  • Rajputana Desert Camp
  • Winds Desert Camp
  • The Serai Camp
  • Dangri Desert Safari Camp
  • Rajwada Desert Camp

Rajputana Desert Camp-

This is one of the favored spots of camping in Jaisalmer and has been operational since. 200m to the right of Sam Sand Dunes in near the Rajputana Desert Camp one can stay in cottages, tents or even cottages that were originally set up to local maharajas and royals during the previous time.

In the desert camp is sure to offer a unique experience, away from the city, beneath the stars of the night sky and on a natural sand dune land. This camp is the most well-known camping spot in Jaisalmer due to its quiet USP, restaurant, evening dance and musical shows and jeep safaris on camels or jeeps that leads to a beautiful and romantic sunset point in sam.

Camp has various desert activities like quad biking,zorbing, zip lining etc. These can be included or not included from the package. Camping here is an excellent option.

Winds Desert Camp-

Wind Desert Camp is the area where visitors can experience and feel the rich culture of Rajasthan. The location is described by the well-known saying from Rajasthan “Padharo Mhare Desh”. The camp welcomes guests with Dhol, tilak as well as welcome beverages.

The camp offers sleeping accommodations in spacious roof tents, dining spaces at the heart of the camp, and an rajasthani Baihak i.e. cushions and mattresses placed on the ground that give an impression of royals. This is well-known for its portrayal of the traditional culture and customs of Rajasthan and also for activities such as safaris, bonfires, khaba for, and more. It is recommended to consider a stay there if they are visiting Jaisalmer.

Serai Camp-

The Seari is one of the UNESCO historic site that is an oasis on 100-acre private property. The camp is comprised of 21 tents, only 14 of which are suites, six of them are luxury suites with private gardens jacuzzis and pools. The one that is not is a royal suite complete with its private spa and pool, as well as a jacuzzi, dining area and lounge tent.

It is possible to experience the farm to table, in which the Serai showcases their own spices that they grow and food items they serve for their meals. It is among the places that rejuvenates within The Thar Desert.

Dangri Desert Safari Camp-

It is a prestigious campsite that has well-maintained tents, with staff waiting to serve. In the camp, one can enjoy dining in open areas along with night-time stargazing, performances, fire shows, and safaris on jeep or camel. You can also ask for private dance classes or other occasions, as well as private safaris during the night as well. These unique experiences will increase the levels of serotonin in one’s body.

Rajwada Desert Camp-

The location is distinctive due to its Indian traditions and the culture that it abides by. The resort has 20 luxurious camps that have maharana-style bedrooms, private modern bathrooms, windows which one can view dunes and an open-air outdoor verandah. The camp also has a dining area that serves the finest rajasthani dishes.

Thia provides relaxing vacations with activities such as jeep or camel safaris and quad biking, candle-lit dinners on the dunes, and folk dancing and music. The camp is tranquil and calming in the clear skies.

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