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Does it feel like your HVAC unit is on vacation? When you need your HVAC unit the most, then only it gets worn down. Does it feel annoying? Well! Nothing to worry about even if your unit is blowing cool air in the winter as this is a common airflow issue. There are many causes of airflow issue, but you don’t have to assume things unnecessarily.

Low airflow issues can be red flags which can lead to breakdown. So as a house owner, you should always learn the causes behind it as described by air conditioning repair Fort Lauderdale service here in this blog.

Short Cycling

Short cycling is a common issue that is usually mistaken for low airflow. It allows the unit to turn ON and OFF without removing the heat and humidity from the home. You will feel like your unit is working, but short cycling will make you think your unit has an airflow problem. Now why does this short cycling occur? Well! It occurs because of low refrigerant levels, oversized AC unit, and frozen evaporator coils. Whatever the issues you may feel, just call a professional.

Air Duct Issues

The air ducts are responsible for transferring the hot and cold air all through your home. So if your ductwork unit isn’t in top shape, then you may feel like there is an airflow problem. Now in order to fix the airflow problem, first you need to fix ductwork issue as the most common cause of the ductwork issue is the leaks.

Sometimes the other causes are also responsible behind ducts not working fine and some of them are holes, cracks and insulation. Whatever the cause, you should call an expert to get your ductwork unit checked.

Frozen Evaporator Coil

When the evaporator coils get cold, the condensation will start to freeze. So the ice which is stuck to the coils will restrict airflow resulting in more issues that would further lead to more problems. The frozen coil problem generally arises because of the dirty air filter. Other reason could be a leaking refrigerant for which you should call an air conditioning repair Fort Lauderdale service professional to thoroughly inspect it.

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