Top Creative Window Curtain Designs


The upgrade of your home window treatments is one of the easiest ways to breathe new life into your interior design. However, there is a wide variety of window treatment options available nowadays which can make it difficult to choose the right amongst them all.

Moreover, changing window treatments is an affordable way to spruce up your interior design because it is much less expensive than redesigning an entire room. Up ahead, we have compiled a few popular and creative curtain design ideas to help you change the look and feel of your window treatments.

Also, we’ve provided design options for all budget categories so as to help you choose the one that benefits you financially. In addition, all our curtain designs are guaranteed to make your interiors lavish, thus you just need to consider your personal preferences and interior decor requirements while making a choice.

Wonderfully Creative Window Curtain Design Ideas

As you know standard curtain designs can work for about any and every window style or size, however, unique window treatments can be the most fascinating. That’s because designs that are creatively crafted can make a huge impact on the look of a room.

Whether you want privacy maintenance or merely a delightful window covering, you can opt for the creative curtain design ideas described below to fulfill all your requirements. You’re meant to experience amazing results with all of them and can also induce your own creativity alongside. 

1. Pencil Pleat Curtains

It is the latest living room curtain design that, when selected with the right fabric, can create an ideal interior space. Pencil pleat curtains are in trend because of their astonishing appearance. At the top, you can add color lining to the curtain cloth. Especially, the black color layers carved out on the curtain can make it look extremely stunning, thus eventually intensifying the decor of your place.

2. Rod Pocket Curtains

These curtains have a pocket-like squeezed stitching done at the top and combining this design with a broad vertical line of dual color running along the length of the curtain can make them even more elegant-looking.

Also, you can choose to have them in floral prints, however, in that case, opt for dark-colored curtains with a light shade print to make a bold statement in your interior. In fact, going for a thick fabric material while making a selection can also protect your interior from the damaging effects of UV rays.

3. Eyelet Curtain Designs

As in the name, these curtains comprise holes in their design that help them hang besides making them look elegant and sophisticated. You can play your part to add to the beauty of these curtains and ultimately to your interior by having their top printed with a colored lining.

And, it will look perfect if you opt for a black-colored lining at the top with a pure plain white surface running all the way downwards. Also, for adding to your interior aesthetics, you can opt for neutral, refreshing colors that blend in well with almost any and every interior theme.

4. Pinch Pleat Curtains

The pleats of these curtains are pinched at the top so as to give these curtains their name. It is a simple yet classy curtain design which, when incorporated with creative and wonderful decor ideas, offers an astonishing appearance. 

As far as your creative skills are concerned for these curtains, you can make an ultimate color contrast by regulating dark and light colors in a perfect balance. So, when the stylish pleats are hung up over the curtain rod using a round clip, they instantly become the center of attraction, thus making your interior look modern and mind-blowing.

5. Goblet Curtains

For goblet curtains, you can say that it is an all-around curtain design idea because it never goes out of style. The pleats, present at the top of the curtains, are shaped like a rectangular box which looks super stylish and classy.

If you’re planning to buy these curtains, then opt for golden color, shining balls that have to be attached to the bottom end of the pleats. This decor addition to the curtains will account for a distinctive yet elegant-looking design, thus making your interior look ultra-modern and appealing.

6. Sheer Designed Curtains

Sheer curtains comprise lightweight fabrics and function to help you achieve an overall balance in your room’s interior lighting conditions. Also, these curtains are the true meaning of having luxury window coverings because they can infuse style into your interior decor within no time.

Considering the color choices, you can have versatile options for these curtains, however, a combination of grey and white colors proves to be the most effective choice for any interior style. Moreover, these curtains are also beneficial for adding privacy to a space.

7. Valance Curtain Design

If you’re looking forward to having a curtain design that can add a touch of elegance and class to your interiors, then there can be no other option better than buying valence-designed curtains. Also, to make the most of your interior, it is best that you opt for floral-printed valance curtains. 

Because these printed curtain designs have proved to be most effective in making the interiors graceful most of the time. Hence, these curtains will look amazing in your interior, helping you dignify your interior decor to perfection.

To Summarize

No doubt, there is a wide variety of stylish designs available for curtains that can make your interiors look elegant. However, you can also creatively customize your existing curtain designs so as to make your interiors look classy, appealing, and unique at the same time.

We’ve described some of the designs of the most popular curtains and also have explained ways to make these designs even more effective for any and every interior style. We hope that you’ll find your desired curtain design among all the options described above.

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