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For most people, the sight of tow trucks is not a particularly pleasant sight, especially when they need to be towed. For business owners, however, they represent a major source of income and an important investment. They are used for accidents, redemptions, pomoc drogowa mikołów and other times and places where towing in a good old-fashioned pickup truck just won’t cut it.

Tow trucks were invented

Tow trucks were invented in 1916 when a garage worker had the unfortunate experience of having to pull a car out of a creek with nothing but blocks, rope and manpower. Today, these movers are divided into different categories based on the type of lifting they do. Boom, hook and chain, wheel jack, flatbed and integrated equipment are all on the road to service stuck vehicles.

Tow truck prices can range from as low as $10,000 for a reasonably working used vehicle to $81,000 for a brand new, top-of-the-line truck straight off the assembly line. Either way, a person faces a large capital outlay, which is somewhat daunting, especially in these troubled economic times. Those just starting their business should consider leasing one to get started and then buying it once the business is up and running and actually making a profit.


Maintenance is also an important factor. As a source of income, the truck should be kept in the best possible condition at all times. Nothing will decimate sales (let alone reduce customer appearances) than having to call a tow truck to pick up another tow truck.

Another aspect when deciding on a truck is the driver. Almost all jurisdictions require drivers in a towing company to be licensed in addition to normal resident drivers. State requirements vary. So if a business owner doesn’t have a license themselves (which is unlikely), they should familiarize themselves with the law to learn what is required. Many jurisdictions also require the company to be held liable in the event of damage to towed vehicles. These examples show that while the truck is a significant investment in company capital, it is not the only investment.


Tow trucks can bring in a lot of money, but like other investments, they also require a lot of money. Proper planning is required to ensure that a business built around towing doesn’t, to use a phrase, get stuck in the financial mud.

Tow truck – lifesaver on the road

Imagine being stranded on a back road in a remote part of the country, not knowing why and how your car suddenly stopped. You would probably panic a little, especially when it’s already eleven o’clock at night and all you see around you is trees and endless stretches of land.

The second and more practical thing you might be thinking about is getting a tow truck, which will help you get your car to the nearest garage or gas station and probably drive you home as well. Tow trucks are readily available, but some local towing services can be hard to find. When you have Triple-A service, towing can be easy and convenient.

towing service

Tow trucks can be dispatched to your location with a call to towing service. However, if you don’t know your area, the towing service might have a little more trouble finding you. Breakdowns and collisions can be the most common incidents that require towing, but if you’re stranded somewhere it’s best to know your approximate location.

GPS and towing

Some companies have already provided computer systems via GPS to get the exact location of the car. Some systems just need to activate this system and the local towing agency can focus on the location and send a tow truck to the location. Some cars also have GPS installed in their system which can automatically determine the exact location of the car. For example, General Motors has its Onstar system that provides GPS location in a matter of seconds.

Towing Violators

Tow trucks have also become very important in policing. Illegally parked vehicles have become the subject of towing services, where they are taken to impounded garages where they remain pending fines being paid. Auto accidents would also require towing services, skup samochodów śląsk as well as repossession procedures launched against owners who forgo monthly payments.

The hook and chain or strap lift is the most common type of towing service. Chains are placed around the vehicle’s frame and lifted from the front. However, some car owners complain about scratches on the bumper of the cars, so using this truck is becoming less and less popular. Flatbed tow trucks offer the most protection for the car, but the bulk and size of the tow truck make it impractical for the more common towing needs. But whichever tow truck you use, you can never ignore its importance today.

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