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Understand Basic Features of Treatment by Fissure Doctor

A fissure is a crack or tears in the anal canal wall that typically occurs on the back or posterior side of the anus. A skin tag called a “sentinel pile” that frequently covers chronic cracks may be misinterpretes as a painful hemorrhage. An anal fissure refers to a tear in the anal canal. Pain and severe discomfort may be experiences when the skin cracks. Defecation may also result in a small quantity of blood. An overstressed anal aperture develops a fracture that eventually becomes a fissure. Trauma during delivery in women might cause anal fissures. The anal fissure may also result from a sexually transmitted infection or an anal canal ulcer. In these circumstances, you should visit for treatment. You find the best ayurvedic treatment by a Fissure Doctor in Faridabad at Shri Dhanwantri clinic.


Diarrhea with blood in it, red (blood on the toilet paper),
Constipation caused by pain leading to avoidance of passing stool,
Anal itching and burning,
Difficulty in passing pee
If you are also suffering from these symptoms then Ayurvedic Treatment is the best option. Our specialist Fissure Doctor in Faridabad understands your problem and provides the best ayurvedic treatment.

Causes of Fissure:

Trauma to the urethra and the anal canal is the most typical cause of anal fissures. It may be brought on by persistent diarrhea or firm stools. The insertion of an endoscope, enema tip, rectal thermometer, or ultrasound probe can also result in anal fissures.
Due to these causes, if you are suffering from a fissure problem then get consulted with a Fissure Doctor in Faridabad for ayurvedic treatment at the Shri Dhanwantri clinic.

General Tips Measured for Fissure:

Before visiting a Fissure Doctor in Faridabad, these are some tips that have to be measured for you while suffering from a fissure problem.
Practice healthy bowel movements
Use stool softeners
Drink more water
Change diaper frequently
Avoid stress and caffeine
Daily exercise
Don’t ignore your urge to go

Ayurvedic Fissure Treatment:

It is crucial to correctly manage bowel movements in patients who have an anal fissure. To soften the stool, some moderate laxatives may be employed. A hot sitz bath and the application of some calming creams, such as coconut oil or ghee, are beneficial since they reduce irritation. People with anal fissure problems can have a complete recovery using Ayurveda. According to Ayurveda Fissure Doctor in Faridabad, each person’s anal fissure therapy lasts a different amount of time.
The severity of the condition is another factor in ayurvedic treatment. Allopathic doctors typically advise surgery in cases of acute anal fissure. Incontinence, or the patient’s inability to contain feces, is the most frequent side effect of surgery. However, utilizing Ayurvedic Kshar Karma, an acute anal fissure can be efficiently heals without surgery. In this treatment, specific Ayurvedic medications are inject into the anal fissure to aid in recovery.
The sessions are repeated every week, and the fissure cures in three to four sessions. In this approach, treating anal fissures with ayurvedic medicine is highly specializes, highly efficient, and practical. Chronic anal fissures with Sentinel tags are treats by Ksharsutra ligation, followed by Kshar Dharma sittings. You can visit an expert Fissure Doctor in Faridabad to receive answers to your queries if you have any worries or questions.

Conclusion :

In today’s world Ayurveda give the perfect treatment to cure disease from the root. These ayurvedic treatments along with a healthy diet, precautions, and tips can help you get relief from the fissure. But it is important that you can take measures, proper consultation with our Fissure Doctor in Faridabad. For the best treatment of fissures, book an appointment with our expert at Shri Dhanwantri Clinic.

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