UniCharts EMR Software Demo and Its Cost

Unicharts EMR software is a popular choice for electronic medical records, or EMRs. Its powerful, high-performance database is used by millions of mission-critical applications around the world, and is included in the price of many expensive EMR systems. This makes Unicharts EMR software an attractive choice for any medical practice.

Free To Use

If you are looking for an electronic medical record (EMR) system, UniCharts may be the perfect choice for your practice. This system allows you to customize your charts for the type of medical specialty you practice. In addition, it can hold an unlimited number of images and scanned documents. It is an ONC-certified EHR that also offers practice management tools to help physicians.

The EMR software can be installed on a physician’s desktop, laptop, or Tablet PC. Then, authorized users can log on to the system using any Internet Explorer browser. The system is designed to allow users to access patient charts and data from local intranets or the Internet. It also includes a built-in Live Update feature that makes software updates simple. Furthermore, database backup can be done with a few clicks. You can also back up your database to a USB flash drive.

The Unicharts EMR is a comprehensive EMR system that includes all the features a physician needs. In addition, it includes a one-year license and free upgrades and updates. The software also includes email support and an autoupdate utility. Unlike many other software programs, your license will never expire, so you can use it for years without incurring additional costs.

Before purchasing EMR software, consider your specialty. Different types of healthcare specialties require different levels of functionality. For example, a pediatrician might need pediatric EMR software demo. This software allows physicians to record patient data in the right way. It can also be customized to your needs, including specific details about a specific patient’s condition.

The browser-based EMR software has numerous benefits over traditional thick-client systems. For one, the browser-based architecture reduces deployment and maintenance costs. It also is more secure and easy to monitor. Moreover, it is easy to install, requiring only one node.

Easy To Learn

UniCharts EMR software has a simple interface and is easy to learn for medical professionals. It also allows practitioners to customize their charts. They can customize the number of images and scanned documents they want to store. The system is ONC certified and is a good fit for all types of specialties.

UniCharts EMR software is an industry-standard electronic medical records system. It is designed to support multiple specialties, so you can share data between providers. You can also customize the charts and other sections for your specific medical practice. It is easy to learn, and will help you streamline the daily operation of your practice.

A reliable EMR software platform will allow your staff to enter information into their PMS and EMR systems at the same time. The system should also offer advanced reporting options and data analysis filters. It should also let you see your financial performance and which factors are affecting your practice’s profitability.

When it comes to choosing best EMR software, you should look for one that makes adding notes easy. It should make it easy to enter notes during a patient encounter and enter information into a patient chart. This chart should contain vitals, recent appointments, medical history, and other useful information. It should also let you jump to other tools without having to navigate through the chart. It should also have a variety of templates that make it easy to customize.

Fully Customizable

UniCharts EMR software is fully customizable, allowing you to add up to three different IDs and choose which ones to display on what printed document. This flexibility is particularly useful if you need to include DEA or state license numbers on prescriptions. You can also choose to hide these IDs from printed materials, making it easy for you to tailor the software to the needs of your practice.

In addition to its customizable database, UniCharts EMR software also includes a scheduling function. It lets you book appointments from fifteen minutes to 90 minutes. You can also add parallel slots or book smaller appointments. With a customizable scheduler, you can easily find and book a patient’s appointment, and can manage their appointment history, including allergies, previous and current symptoms.

After customizing the chart forms and populating your favorites list, your EMR system is ready to use. You can run a trial version of the software before purchasing a license. During the trial, you’ll be able to try it out with a fully loaded clinical environment and get a feel for the software. If you like it, you can purchase a key to remove trial restrictions and use it for your practice. These keys come in four, eight, twelve, and sixteen-user versions.

UniCharts EMR is an industry-compliant electronic medical record system that allows you to customize and adjust its features to suit your unique needs. You can even use it with multiple providers and share common patient data. Moreover, you can add your own custom sections to your charts and other data fields. UniCharts EMR is flexible and has been used by doctors in a wide range of medical specialties.

Easy To Implement

Choosing an EMR system for your practice should be based on your specific needs. For example, some practices may need to use a software system designed for orthopedic surgeons, while others may need a more general platform. Whatever your needs, Unicharts can fit the bill.

UniCharts EMR software is designed to be flexible and easy to implement. The software allows you to customize charts and other sections of the software to meet your specific needs. It also allows you to share common patient data among multiple providers and is suitable for many medical specialties.

Once you’ve selected an EMR system, you can implement it in a matter of days. The software is available as a browser-based solution, which makes it easy to implement and use. All you need is an internet connection to set up and use it. Once installed, the system can be customized to suit your specific practice needs.

UniCharts’s encounter forms are extremely customizable. They cater to almost any specialty and are based on CMS guidelines. These guidelines have become industry standards for patient care. The physical examination section, however, needs to be customized to include specialty-specific information. Otherwise, it defaults to a general multi-system examination.

When choosing an EMR system, consider the vendor’s history and current offerings. Make sure to pick a vendor that understands your specific needs. Otherwise, they might try to sell you additional components that are unnecessary. In addition, they should provide training and support. This will help you get up and running with your new EMR system.

When selecting an EMR system, be sure to consider how well it integrates with your current practice management software. Some practice management software solutions automatically integrate with their EMR counterpart. This allows data to flow seamlessly between modules. For example, practice management software can allow you to fill out intake forms on the Internet before patients visit and then auto-populate the information in EMR clinical tools.


While it is true that the cost of UniCharts EMR software is higher than some other systems, the investment is relatively small. It costs about $200 per user and is a one-time investment. This makes it a good fit for small physician practices and provides the best ROI for the money spent. Plus, it comes with a free year of updates and email support.

UniCharts is a complete EMR that includes everything a physician needs, and comes with a one-year subscription to its autoupdate utility and email support. In addition to this, UniCharts is fully customizable for different sizes of practices, and the software accommodates all types of specialists.

Although EMR software comes with a number of benefits, the cost is often a concern for smaller practices. For this reason, SaaS EMRs are ideal for small to mid-sized practices because they have minimal upfront costs and predictable ongoing costs. Unlike on-site solutions, SaaS requires a good Internet connection. Moreover, it is recommended to invest in a back-up broadband connection.

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