What Is Freight Shipping And How Does It Work?


And the majority of the other items you’ve bought, whether offline or online, were once a part of a freight package.

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Businesses employ freight shipping as a technique to move large shipments that exceed the weight and dimension limitations for parcel parcels.

Pallets are frequently used to pack and transport this material.

Learn more about freight shipping in the next paragraphs, including what is transported using it, and why it is essential to the smooth operation of global supply chains.

What Is Freight?

Any cargo that needs to be transferred between locations but does not meet the criteria for parcel shipment is referred to as freight.

The majority of items you order online and have shipped to your home or apartment use parcel shipping, which deals with smaller boxes and parcels.

Depending on the carrier, different criteria are used to decide which packages qualify as freight.

But typically, anything that weighs more than 150 pounds, is longer than 108 inches, or is wider than 160 inches is considered freight.

What Is Freight Shipping and shipping to amazon FBA rapid express freight?

In the context of global logistics networks, shipping to amazon FBA rapid express freight refers to the forms of transportation intended to move these larger shipments from one location to another.

This frequently involves a combination of ships, planes, railroads, and trucks. Consider a distributor with a U.S. presence that mostly sources its products from Asia.

These items need to be placed in a shipping container and transported to a port on the West Coast through the Pacific Ocean.

Months after they first left a port in Asia, a vehicle or train would then transport those things to their final location.

Contrary to parcel shipments, freight shipments do not go on the familiar UPS, FedEx, and Amazon delivery trucks.

These are substantial, Heavy loads necessitate the use of semi-trucks and other transportation vehicles with huge carrying capacity.

Freight Shipping Explained

Although consumer orders rarely arrive by freight, it is the main way that businesses get their supplies.

It can affect both incoming and outbound logistics for some organizations since it’s also the main method of sending goods.

Products companies place bulk orders because they need a lot of components, raw materials, and finished items to produce or resell their products.

Even service firms require supplies for their workers and offices, and those necessities frequently come in big amounts.

Generally speaking, sending this cargo by freight shipping is more economical and effective than splitting it up into smaller shipments and sending it via parcel.

Large and heavy items require different procedures and machinery than relatively light products that may be delivered to your location fast.

When Multi-Weight Should Be Used Instead of Freight

Multi-weight compares the cost of splitting a shipment into several packages, possibly delivering them all or some of them by parcel, then combining them into one cargo.

It’s a helpful tool when several pallets or boxes are leaving from the same place and going in the same direction.

Some tools will select the less expensive choice for you once you enter information regarding your packages.

By assisting you in choosing the optimal alternative, multi-weight can help you lower the landing expenses for your shipments.

Additionally, it saves the time that would be needed to manually freight compute the costs of these various solutions.

Not all shipments are qualified for multi-weight since there are total weights and dimensions for each package and the entire cargo.

How to Ship Freight

If you’ve decided that shipping your goods via freight is the best option, you’re probably attempting to figure out how to get them ready.

Let’s go over the procedures you need to follow to prepare your items for a freight carrier.

  1. Prepare any paperwork needed for the delivery, including anything the carrier will need to look through.
  2. Pick a pallet, box, or crate that is the appropriate size for the consignment and doesn’t have any significant damage.
  3. If there are any issues, make sure to replace them or, if they are less serious, mention them. This enables you to monitor any damage brought on by the shipper.
  4. If utilizing a pallet, make sure nothing hangs over the edges and arrange the boxes or things upright in a predictable way.
  5. Label the shipments with labels that include the pallet’s or box’s contents as well as the destination address. Barcodes and other distinctive identifiers may be used in this.


Whether it’s a bar of soap, a laptop, or a dining table, the bulk of the items you use every day were probably shipped by freight at some point during their protracted journey to you.

Despite being largely unseen to most of us, it is an essential way for moving commodities across the globe.

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