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What is the process of speech and language evaluation?

Speech and language evaluation

Speech and language evaluation is a comprehensive assessment of the child’s communication skills. The professional speech language pathologists conduct this evaluation process to know more about the communication abilities of a child. 

Essentially, a speech and language evaluation focuses on assessing the understanding of language, use of language and social use of language. Resonance, fluency, articulation and voice also come under the speech and language evaluation. 

The speech and language evaluation process depends a lot on the age of the child. Speech language pathologist may take about an hour to assess the ability of a one year old. At the same time, this assessment will last upto 3 hours for children who are 14-year old. 

Opting for speech and language evaluation comes with the benefits of timely diagnosis. In detail evaluation also helps in identifying the exact areas to work on. A child may be facing problem in understanding the language, at the same time another child may be dealing with more language issues. Initial speech and language evaluation allows the therapist to assess progress and growth of the child.

Speech evaluation process:

The LA Speech therapy solutions provides the service of speech and language evaluation. This process of evaluation can be as follows:

  • Referral reason

There is obviously some observation of the family that pushes them to choose speech and language evaluation. So the first step is to find the reason of referring the speech language pathologist. Family background and medical history information falls under this step. It is clear that the family was observed in some way, which influences their decision to opt for a speech and language test. So the first step is to determine why the speech-language pathologist was recommended. This process includes gathering information about one’s background and medical history.

  • Behavioral and play-based observation

Then begins the observation of child’s behavior with friends and family. How a child reacts in a familiar and non-familiar environment is a key way to learn more about the speech and language challanges. The process of watching the child’s conduct with friends and relatives then starts. The key to understanding a child’s speech and language challenges is to observe how they respond in both familiar and unfamiliar environments.

  • Standardized testing

Once the general observation is complete, then the pathologist begins with the standardized testing process. In this complete details about child’s current speech and language abilities are the focus. Factors like culture, language, vision and hearing ability of the child all impact the speech and language evaluation. The pathologist starts the procedure of administering the standardised tests after the overall observation is finished. The focus of this article is on the child’s present speech and language abilities in full detail.

  • Informal assessment

General behavior observation and standard testing can sometimes fall short to rightly assess the speech and language of the child. Therefore, informal assessment of the child becomes a part of the speech evaluation process. This may include conducting a trial therapy to learn more details of the speech capabilities of the child.

Standard testing and general behaviour observation may not always be sufficient to accurately evaluate a child’s speech and language development. As a result, the child’s informal judgement becomes a component of the speech evaluation process. This can entail starting a trial therapy programme to find out more specifics about the child’s speech abilities.

  • Summary of findings

Lastly, compilation of the findings takes place. This summary of findings is then discussed with the family. Obviously the final findings include results of both formal and informal assessment. Once the discussion of findings is over, it then leads to creation of goals and strategy of therapies that family must follow at home.


Opting for a place like LA Speech Therapy Solutions for speech and language evaluation helps in getting the best assessment. The professionals here have years of experience to help your child in dealing with his or her speech disabilities. So make sure you book an appointment at the earliest with the best speech and language pathologist.

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