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What is the use of Hydrotherapy in Physiotherapy?

physiotherapy in Dubai

Physiotherapy:What is it?    

Physiotherapy is a highly effective specialty treatment for various ailments, injuries, and issues. Using specific physical techniques helps to restore the damaged area’s mobility, function, and movement. Physiotherapy uses methods that doctors have tried and tested for many patients.   

Additionally, physiotherapy helps to prevent further damage or injury to the affected body part. It is popular because it can help people of any age control their health and stay in attractive shape.   

Experts in the degree-based field of physiotherapy are the ones who can provide the best care and treatment. Call Specialist’s group of profoundly gifted physiotherapists in Dubai strives to furnish you with the ideal help. Call 800 200 400 to get physiotherapy services.

Two pieces of evidence show that water is always lovely to humanity.

  1. The people of ancient Greece used warm water saps to manage pain.
  2. In the past, ancient cultures living in India, Egypt, and China used water therapy as a naturopathic treatment.

Hence, water has some specific properties that help treat many health conditions. Therefore, people of the modern world named this process where humans avail multiple benefits from the aquatic environment. Such as “hydrotherapy, water therapy, aquatic therapy, pool therapy or balneotherapy.” In detail, let’s see hydrotherapy a form of physiotherapy Dubai.

Advantages of Hydrotherapy include:

Make movement easier: 

Water has unique elements that make the human body movement easier, even when a body is in pain. For instance, because of the buoyancy effect, you will float effortlessly on the water and experience less gravity.

Make you relax: 

In water therapy, our muscles relax, and blood flow increases because the water temperature is between 88–96 degrees F, which is warmer than in a typical swimming pool.

Reduce pain and swelling: 

Cold water therapy has natural pain-killing properties. For instance, it reduces local Adema, nerve conduction velocity, muscle spasms, and inflammation.

Increase movement and strength: 

Aqua therapy helps people to get rid of any physical problems. Like orthopedics, the therapist makes the patient move in water to take pressure off the spine and problematic areas.

Improve mood:

According to research, hydrotherapy treatments improve your mood and make the mind relax. Moreover, to achieve some positive physiological effects, the pool temperature will be adjusted, as warm water helps in relaxation, and cold water helps release endorphins/adrenaline.

Improves fitness:

Pool therapy treatments offer a lot to athletes who want to improve their performance and strength. For example, gentle resistance is added to his muscles when an athlete works out in the water.

Support cardiovascular health:

With the other benefit, aqua therapy also provides benefits to the cardiovascular system, like increased cardiac output, endurance, and blood circulation.

Precautions before sinking into the water.

Suppose you have some health concerns like asthma, wound, and infection. Make sure to take precautions and considerations before going for hydrotherapy. Moreover, water therapy is usually not advised for patients with the following conditions.

  1. A skin infection.
  2. Open wound.
  3. High or low blood pressure.
  4. Breathing issues.
  5. Diabetes and asthma.
  6. Chest infection.
  7. And any severe kidney problems.

6 forms of Hydrotherapy:

Aquatic exercise– It includes: 

Water aerobics: Individuals complete movements while floating in deep water.

Lap swimming: A person swims from one end to another.

Aquatic physiotherapy in Dubai- A trained and licensed physiotherapist performs it by Call Doctor. This type of therapy includes a customized and personalized program for each person.

Warm water baths- The most common type of water therapy where warm baths normalize blood pressure and blood flow also reduce pain and inflammation.

Sitz bath. The best option for the one dealing with hemorrhoids or anal fissure. In this, a person sits in warm water for about 15 minutes to eliminate the pain.

Saunas- Individuals with mental health issues like depression and anxiety typically use this. Water is poured on a heated stone to create steam in a wood interior room to relax the mind’s muscles.

Final words about Physiotherapy in Dubai

If you need physiotherapy in Dubai, then take the best sessions by Call Doctor. Moreover, their sessions help you with depression and anxiety and even provide significant social benefits if you participate in their group or class.

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