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What Makes Cardboard Tube Packaging in The UK Ideal For Your Business

Cardboard Tube Packaging

Business owners must pay closer attention to the packaging of their products. It includes a selection of material, branding, colour theme, graphics, text fonts, and the type of information that has to be on the exterior. Not only that, the overall packaging must complement the product and look appealing to the customers. All these minor details hold an essential role while manufacturing a product and increase the chances of better sales and promotion.

What Is A Cardboard Tube Packaging

Cardboard tube packaging refers to cylindrical containers made from corrugated cardboard, commonly used for packaging and storing various products, ranging from food to household items and industrial goods. It is typically made by cutting a flat sheet of corrugated cardboard into the desired length and then glueing the two edges together to form a cylinder. The cardboard sheets used in tube packaging are made of three layers: an inner liner, a fluted corrugated layer, and an outer liner for added strength and protection.

Some cardboard tubes may have one or more closed and sealed ends, while others may have one or both ends left open for easy access.

You can get your own customised cardboard tube packaging in the UK from Print Monkey, which deals in all types of printing and packaging options for all businesses.

Benefits Of Using Cardboard Tube Packaging

The main advantage of this packaging is its cost-effectiveness, durability, and sustainability. Let us look at some benefits of using cardboard tubes as your product packaging.

●     Sustainable

As cardboard is a renewable and biodegradable material, it is highly sustainable and can be reused, which makes it an environmentally friendly packaging solution.

●     Sturdy

Cardboard tube packaging is strong and durable as they have multiple layers of the interior, providing protection to the products during shipment and ensuring no damage is caused while the customer receives it. Hence, resulting in a pleasant customer experience.

●     Affordable

Cardboard tubes are inexpensive to manufacture and easy to customise. These are also readily available, making them an ideal and cost-effective business option.

●     Easy to Store

Storing products can be a task as packing can be heavy and covers a lot of space. With cylindrical packaging like cardboard tubes, you can save significant space during storage and shipment.

●     Multiple Uses

Cardboard tubes are used for various product industries, including cosmetics, food, technological, and decorative products. It makes it a top option for packaging.

●     Customisable

The look of the packaging is the most important feature when it comes to product development. Cardboard tube packaging provides a diverse selection of customisation, which business owners can opt to make their products stand out from the competition.

●     Recyclable

Once used, cardboard tubes can be easily recycled, making them a sustainable packaging option for consumers. This feature of any product makes it a more reachable option for customers because eco-friendly products are more attractive than those not.

Get Your Cardboard Tube Packaging In The UK

Print Monkey offers an easy yet highly unique and promising way of turning your packaging ideas into reality. You can begin by sharing your ideas with their creative team, getting your custom print ready, and having it delivered to your doorstep on time. So, boost your business by making your product packaging worthwhile and eye-catching!

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