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What to Look for When Hiring a Photo Booth Rental Company

Photo Booth

Many of you will be thinking about renting an image sales space for your wedding ceremony or every other grand occasion. First of all, I distinctly advocate renting one simply due to the fact those image cubicles are SO MUCH FUN!! Talk to human beings who’ve rented one and they’re positive to rave approximately what a wonderful concept it became and could agree that you MUST get one too!

Here is a listing of some crucial elements to don’t forget while searching for an image sales space rental:

Booth Size and Crop

When it involves Magic Mirror Photo Booth Rental cubicles, larger is better! Not handiest will a larger sales space be capable of accommodating you and your pleasant buddy perfectly, but you could now bounce interior with a small organization of human beings including to the excitement. For weddings, a larger sales space is a must! You could be capable of getting all of the bridesmaids collectively with the bride or groom to seize a number of the maximum loved pix of the evening. The groom can get in there with all his groomsmen or how approximately the bride and groom with a gaggle of their near friends. A large sales space equals greater opportunities for valuable pix. The crop of the image is likewise crucial. Professional photographers agree that a vertical crop is greater formal. Many agencies use a horizontal crop that honestly limits the variety of human beings to the handiest three which could in shape into the frame.

Print Quality

Many image sales space agencies use printers that don’t produce authentic image excellent prints so that you can store cash and time. If you could ask the ability agencies to mail you real pattern photographs so that you can evaluate the print excellent. You could be amazed by the distinction whilst you see the excellent of these photographs aspect through aspect.

Image Size

Ask how huge the report sizes are which might be created through the image sales space. You by no means understand while you will get that “One in a Million” shot and whilst you do, you will need the choice to increase the print as much as sixteen inches or maybe larger.


This is your wedding ceremony! Make positive that the image sales space agency which you pick out has lower backup equipment. You by no means understand that a tough force, camera, flash, printer, and so on can also additionally fail. Find out what number of cubicles they’ve to be had too simply in case their one and handiest sales space breaks down the day earlier than your unique day.


I cannot inform you what number of horror tales I pay attention to of a bride actually getting robbed through her image sales space agency. If something does cross wrong, make certain that you rent from a good agency whose recognition is without a doubt really well worth greater than you may be paying for your rental. Does Google seek the usage of the agency call accompanied by the word “reviews” to honestly do your homework?

Back-Up Procedures

Ask approximately the lower backup system of your documents. How long will they hold the documents for you if you lose your DVD years down the line? Do they store your valuable documents on a spinning tough force that can crash or do they archive them to pricey tape-lower backup systems?


Make positive you’ve got a signed agreement with the agency you pick out. This now no longer handiest protects them, however it protects you too!

Running Time

Believe it or now no longer, I’ve visible agencies’ contracts that say they handiest assure to be up and going for walks for at the least 70% of the scheduled going for walks time. Do you handiest pay them 70% in their charge then? This appears loopy however make certain you understand precisely how much “going for walks time” you are becoming to your cash. Any present-day image sales space needs to be capable of retaining going for walks whilst converting ink and or including paper, and so on.

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