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Which models do you use in a business plan: an overview

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To be able to successfully start a new company, it is important to have a rock-solid business plan in advance. In this plan, you will go into detail about the product or service you are going to offer, and you will have an eye for the financing and feasibility of your plans, among other things. You can have such a business plan drawn up by our experts, or you can (partly) produce it yourself. While writing the business plan, you can derive a lot of guidance from some commonly used models. In this article, we will therefore discuss the three most important models that you should integrate into your business plan.

Revenue model

A company has no chance of success without a solid revenue model. The revenue model is, therefore, an indispensable part of your business plan. The core of the revenue model is the question of how you will earn your money in the future: how will you generate turnover, and how will you realize the profit? In this part of the business plan, you describe how (much) your customers pay for the products or services you supply and how you can realize a profit from this. For example, is your revenue model based on one-off customers, or do you focus on recurring income, for example, by offering a subscription?

Marketing model business plan

When you know how you want to generate turnover by having customers pay for products or services, it is important to consider how you are actually going to bring in those customers. For that reason, a solid marketing model is also part of every good business plan. How will you recruit potential customers, and how will you ensure that they will purchase your product or service? Think about what makes your product or service unique and conduct thorough market research. What opportunities and threats are there, and what tools will you use to exploit those opportunities? Many business plans use the four Ps of the marketing mix for marketing: Product, Price, Place, and Promotion.

Financing model

You may have set up such a good earning and marketing model, but without the financial resources to actually start your business, you will not get there. That is why every business plan also pays attention to the financing model. How will you get the necessary financial resources for your company? Can you invest your own money, or do you also need outside financing? And if so, how will you attract those investors? A good financial model forms the basis of a successful business plan and is therefore seen by many as one of the most important parts of the project.

Need help developing the models for your business plan?

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