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Why Are More Consumers Choosing Unlocked Phones?

Unlocked Phones

Ever wonder why more consumers are opting for unlocked phones? One of the reasons is that they want more freedom with their phone line and carrier. Another reason is that they can find more selections for more carriers. We’ll look at all of the leading reasons to determine why this trend is so popular and so sudden. Are you interested to learn more about the latest technologies? Visit this dedicated website  for further details.

Lower Online Pricing 

One thing that the major carriers have never offered on phones is lower pricing than what you would find online. That’s because these supercenters are buying special bulk deals from the phone makers and are able to pass the savings on to the consumer. 

Usable On Carrier of Their Choice 

Consumers love cell phones that they can take with them to the next carrier. But if the phone is locked and they end up switching carriers, they are typically forced to buy a new phone. Rather, an unlocked phone can be used on any carrier and can save consumers money because they don’t have to buy a new phone just to switch providers. 

Same Features and Functions 

Contrary to some misinformation that’s out there, unlocked phones are not jailbroken nor are they rooted. This means that they still retain the same functions as any other phone of the same brand. What you won’t see is the annoying carrier logo or ad when you boot them up. But that’s about the only difference that you will notice. Other than that, they are the same phone through and through. Click here to read in-depth articles about technology.

Third-Party Warranties and Insurance

You need not be attached at the hip to a carrier to get the best deals on insurance and warranties. In fact, companies like Square Trade offer cell phone warranties for unlocked phones that are just as lucrative. They cover drops, spills, breakages, and even theft in some cases. So just because you have an unlocked phone that your carrier won’t cover does not mean that there are not plenty of other places that will cover it instead. Just food for thought here. 

No Long Term Contracts 

Perhaps the most biding amenity of unlocked phones is that they do not come with any long-term contracts. Now, this also means one other thing: you have to buy the phone outright to get it. Whereas with a phone company you can just finance the phone or roll the cost into equal monthly payments that you pay with your plan. While the truth is that there is never any such thing as a “free” smartphone, with exception of one that’s been given to you, you can indeed get a great deal on an unlocked phone and enjoy the freedoms that come with owning a phone that is truly yours from day one. Our website provides complete information, kindly visit this website for further details about technology.

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