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There are various ways to make a hotel visit memorable. If you frequently stay in hotels, they have a tendency to blend together. Providing robes for your hotel’s guests is one of the easiest and most cost-effective amenities to provide.

Many budget-style hotels do not provide robes because they view them as an unnecessary extra. However, for hotels of higher quality, a complementary robe can make all the difference and distinguish your establishment.

How Hotel Robes Have Evolved

The typical hotel robe was always a white terrycloth garment with the hotel’s emblem and little else to distinguish it from other terrycloth robes. Additionally, it was typically given in a single size, as this simplified refilling and distribution. Since the one size had to accommodate all guests, it tended to be a size that overwhelmed the majority of individuals.

This is now changing as hotels recognise the need for uniqueness to survive and thrive in a competitive market and ideally attract a younger audience. Although white terry robes are still popular due to their fluffy texture and familiarity, various colours and materials are being introduced to add variety.

The robes themselves are frequently more form-fitting, with shorter lengths and smaller sleeves. They may feature hoods and coloured piping and come in a variety of sizes, including those for youngsters. In short, they are more attentive to guests’ wants and expectations.

Specific Requirements for Hotel Robes

Unlike domestic robes, hotel robes must survive rigorous usage over an extended length of time.

A guest robe may be laundered up to 150 times before being replaced and must maintain its appearance throughout this time. And commercial washing requires high temperatures and pressure, which can cause certain materials to wilt or, in the case of polyester, to melt if drying temperatures are too high.

Many hotels are switching to alternative fabrics, notably microfiber, which can survive frequent laundering without stretching or otherwise degrading. Additionally, microfiber robes are plusher, might appear more sophisticated, and are less expensive to launder. This is because the fabric washes at a lower temperature than terry robes and dries in less than half the time, saving energy and being environmentally friendly.

Cost is also a concern, as three sets of robes are typically required for each room so that one set is always available while the others are being laundered. Therefore, the objective is to acquire robes that are affordably priced, aesthetically pleasing, and incredibly durable and long-lasting.

The Advantages that Hotel Robes Offer

The majority of robes formerly featured the hotel’s name, providing a degree of advertising. This is especially pertinent now, since images of hotel guests wearing robes are likely to be shared on social media and viewed by a large audience.

Guests who wish to prolong their pleasurable experience may be receptive to purchasing a hotel robe of exceptional quality. Many hotels who take the time and make the effort to acquire the proper robes find that their sales can easily double or even triple. By selling robes at wholesale pricing in Isra International, you can reclaim a significant portion of the cost of giving free robes and greatly increase the hotel’s revenue.

Guests have a greater variety of dietary requirements and preferences than ever before, whether due to medical issues or personal preferences. Therefore, you must ensure that your breakfast menu is sufficiently varied to accommodate a variety of dietary preferences.

This is easier than you might expect to accomplish. Ask guests upon their arrival if there are any dietary restrictions you must accommodate. This can give you sufficient time to purchase or prepare goods such as gluten-free breads, vegetarian breakfast items, dairy-free milk alternatives, decaffeinated coffees, etc., that you may not often keep on hand.

Guests should not feel obligated to go out of their way to enjoy a breakfast that matches their dietary restrictions or preferences. Therefore, it can be advantageous to present a breakfast menu upon their arrival, so they can simply select the products they desire.

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