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Why is remaking retro consoles still so popular or cool even in the modern world we live in

People are always trying to remake the Snes over the amazing collection of games it had with some very popular games from it still be Donkey Kong 1 and 2 game24hours over it’s cool platformer gameplay and for you being able to use cool animals like the frog being able to jump on the enemies is a lot of fun short term or long term play wise and you can use the rhino which allows you to ram into the baddies which is good fun and the idea of collecting bananas for there version of Mario of collecting bananas instead of coins which you could argue help get a lot of the older people now into eating fruit and vegetables in some cases in reference to the extreme popular of this game.

Many of the older produced things that would be harder for even programmers today over many of them producing the hardware powers of the consoles to the extreme to allow games like Secret of mana 1 and 2 to be made which allowed you to be able to fly using the mana dragon or flying using the cannon from the games in many ways for that being possible on a 16 bit system should be impossible over lack of spare on the game carriages of the past but it happened for why a lot of the younger or older people a like still very into he  retro playstyle as a whole.

Many limitations excited during the 1990s time period which for many people were like the golden years of retro gaming as a whole for example look at the Gamegear it was amazing for the time period but it’s big flaw was the battery taking like 7 AA batteries which to only play for like 2 hours was kind of extreme or annoying but a big reason for why it used to much power it was in strong or quality colour to try and beat Gameboy simple but effective system of the past as such with tech levels of average person now you could possibly release a new version of it which runs for like 8 hours with like 1 to 2 batteries fairly easy or a charge pack which lasts between 6 to 12 hours and also have maybe a way to make modern TV work of them if someone wants to watch TV shows or use internet access to allow Netflix to work of it if someone feels that would be a good idea for how it works or could run.

At the moment some talks are being put into place to make the Sinclaire which was a very popular console that used to allow people to play videogames using a keyboard during the 1980s this was seen as like masterpiece of tech design for why the founder of it when he  died before a lot of people were sad since he made many incredible videogames or tech success for why he is known as Lord Sinclaire

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