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Work from Home: The 10 Best Sites for Landing a Remote Job

Work from Home

There are several reasons why work from home at an office may prove to be more trouble than it’s worth,
including a long commute, bad traffic, numerous diversions, and spontaneous meetings. It’s time to begin
your remote job search if you are prepared to switch from a cubicle to a home office.
Many businesses now actively seek hybrid jobs designers, developers, and other tech-related positions.
Finding what is available is all that is difficult. This list of 10 fantastic remote employment sites should be
your first step toward a thrilling new profession without having to commute.


Both a full-time remote job board and a section of freelance opportunities are available on Dribbble for
designers in every industry. Companies publish job or project details and solicit applications from creative
people who are interested.


With RemoteOK, you may specifically filter results by “Worldwide” and conduct business from any
location. You also have the choice of how frequently you wish to get notifications. No matter what stage
of your career you’re in, it’s a hassle-free method to see what’s out there so you can keep your options
open Nigam Bodh Ghat .


FlexJobs, rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau, has been featured on CNN, USA Today, NBC, and
other illustrious news outlets. The website charges modest fees, nevertheless. The cost is $14.95 for a
single month, but if you choose three months for $29.95, you just spend $10 per month. The cost of a
one-year subscription is $69.95, a 61% discount. Everything depends on your goals, whether they be
part-time, immediate, long-term, or full-time. You can look at the positions that are available if you visit
the website. This is a terrific way to learn more about what they have to offer, and if it seems interesting,
you may choose to sign up for however long you think you would need.

We Work Remotely

We Jobs Remotely is a exclusive remote job website for locating remote design and development work from home
that does not charge job seekers any fees. The one slight negative is that there are not as many listings
as on other websites, but the businesses they partner with are reliable.


Simply select “Find Remote Jobs” on the Flexibrid website, and the chances will be listed by
date and filterable by category. You can sign up to receive a weekly summary of job openings in the
technology or general categories.


This website lists reliable remote job opportunities with outstanding social-impact organizations. If you
are seeking a role associated with a particular cause, it’s worthwhile to watch.

Just Remote

There are no fees for remote jobs seekers, and Just Remote is quite simple to use. No matter where you
are, the site’s permanent and contract filtering options make it simple to find opportunities that fit your career objectives.

Working Nomads

Work from home, another website devoted to remote employment, places a strong emphasis on design
and development roles. Out of the 6 career categories listed, development is at the top while the design
has the second most chances. At the time of writing, they have 44 design jobs and 310 development
positions advertised. Very good! There is no cost involved, and you can choose to sign up for free to
receive emails about new opportunities you might be interested in. Most definitely worth a look.

Virtual Vocations

The website Virtual Vocations is also quite extensive. Even though they now have a B+ rating with the
Better Business Bureau, they have continually worked to raise it and are almost at an A rating. Both free
and paid memberships are available.
It costs $6.99 for a weekly subscription, $15.99 for a monthly one, $39.99 for a three-month membership,
and $59.99 for a six-month membership. In the worst situation, long-term access to the site will cost you
$10 each month. You can access jobs, post your CV, view a history of the positions you have applied for,
and make private notes on remote jobs you have applied for with a free membership.
Access to a database of telecommuting businesses, the creation of a unique portfolio of work examples,
and the private upload and storage of resumes and cover letters to swiftly apply for new positions are all
advantages of becoming a paying member. They might be the largest, most thoroughly vetted database
of telecommuting employment.

Remote Internships

A wonderful website to assist designers in getting their foot in the door of a tech firm is Remote
Internships. This is the place to be if you want to make your imprint on a startup. Programming, design,
business, marketing, copywriting, customer support, and other areas are the emphasis of their interns. A
great place for cutting-edge talent.

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