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Curious about the increasingly popular whiteboard explainer videos you see online? Here are the answers to five frequently asked questions about them.

1. Why use video at all?

So, first things first. Why would you even erklärvideo use video on your website and social media marketing? Because videos are the most compelling content, the most likely to be shared across social media, the most preferred content by Google, and the content most likely to drive conversions on your website.

A big statistic indicative of how preferable video content is in terms of ranking came from Forrester Research a few years ago. They found that videos are 53 times more likely than traditional, static website content to rank organically on the first page of SEO. This helps internet users to find you more directly and increases your traffic.

Speaking of conversions, found that products with product videos increased sales by up to 30 percent.

So video in general has a lot to offer on the web.

2. How is a whiteboard explainer video different from other types of videos?

Videos in general are fun, exciting and engaging compared to other types of content. Explainer videos are even more so. They are like regular videos on steroids. The data suggests that conversion rates are even higher. That’s really why they’ve exploded – because the conversion rates are so high.

3. Why do whiteboard explainer videos convert so quickly?

No one knows for sure, but intuitively there seem to be a few reasons. The first is that when a hand starts drawing a picture, it’s just hard to look away. They wait to see what the end will be like. That just seems like a natural human reaction.

Also, these videos can present complex, sophisticated ideas in a clear and digestible way.

They’re just plain fun too. I mean come on Learning about companies and causes can – and usually is – be boring. The best whiteboards have a light tone and humor. It’s never a bad idea to make your next customer smile.

They are a soft sell. They declare – they don’t throw. This makes them much more accessible.

4. How do whiteboard explainer videos help your brand?

People like videos because they give something back to them. They set educational accents. At the end of a whiteboard, the viewer has learned something new. A whiteboard explainer video gives you a great opportunity to position your company as a helpful thought leader. They also give the appearance of much higher corporate production value than many live-action videos.

5. Where do I place my explainer video so I get the most benefit for my business?

Videos should be placed primarily on your homepage. If you have a specific campaign that focuses on a specific landing page, that’s where they should go.

They should also be on your YouTube page, Twitter and Facebook page. (In fact, erklärvideo erstellen lassen you should post the video regularly on your Facebook page. Many new visitors will see it, and regular visitors don’t mind repeats as much as people think.)

The video should also be used in emails and at presentations and live events.

In short, whiteboard explainer videos are an exciting and useful tool to grow your business. From SEO rankings to conversion rates, whiteboard explainer videos are a unique way to drive traffic, engage with your audience, welcome them to your website, develop your brand, and keep them engaged come back again!

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