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How Plagiarism Removers Work and Why Are They Necessary for Bloggers?

There are a lot of different things that bloggers have to do once they come up with written draft before publishing it. They have to take various steps to remove different types of imperfections from it such as grammatical mistakes, repetitions, tone discrepancies and so on.

Plagiarism is also an issue that bloggers have to find and remove at this stage i.e., before publishing their content online.

As far as finding plagiarism goes, the process is simple enough. All you need to do is use a reliable plagiarism detector and you will have the results easily.

However, the more difficult part in this process is to remove the plagiarized parts. And that is where plagiarism removers come in.

In this post, we are going to be looking at what plagiarism removers are, how they work and why they are necessary for bloggers.

What Are Plagiarism Removers and How Do They Work?

Plagiarism removers are pretty much what they sound like. They are tools specially made for rewording the given content in such a way that it becomes unique and free from duplication.

If you have ever used paraphrasing tools in the past, you will find that plagiarism removers have more or less the same functionality. Like paraphrasers, plagiarism removers also change the words in the given text and shuffle the sentence structures. This makes the text look different while having the same meaning as the original.

To better understand the working of plagiarism removers, let’s take a look at an example.

Here is some normal text before it is edited by a plagiarism remover:

“Johnny found a coin lying on the road. He picked it up but it was glued to the ground. He wrenched it forcefully but his finger broke”.

Now, let’s see what happens when we run this text through a plagiarism remover.

“Johnny found a coin lying on the street. He picked it up, but it was stuck to the floor. He pulled hard, but his finger broke”.

So, these are the sorts of changes that you can get when using plagiarism removers. As you can see in the above example, some words from the text were changed with their synonyms while some phrases were simplified as well. “Wrenched it forcefully” was rewritten as “Pulled hard”.

Why Are Plagiarism Removers Necessary for Bloggers?

Here are some reasons why plagiarism removers are necessary for bloggers.

>>  Making Content Unique

This is the main benefit of using plagiarism removers. If there is any sort of duplication or plagiarism in your content, you can simply rewrite that particular part and make it unique.

Content uniqueness is a very important factor for bloggers. Websites that host plagiarized content can get hit by search engine penalties which can lower their ranking in the SERPs, or (if the commission is bad enough) they can get delisted altogether.

That is why it is necessary for bloggers to use plagiarism removers to make sure that they eliminate any type of plagiarism or duplication in their content before finalizing it.

>> Making Content More Engaging

This benefit of using plagiarism removers is not something that you can get every time you them. Rather, it depends on the type of tool you are using and they type of content you’ve written.

Basically, if your content contains a lot of boring and dull words, you can try running it through a plagiarism remover. Since the latter will replace certain words and phrases in the text, it will also change the dull and boring words and replace them with some better alternatives.

As we said, this is not something that you can definitely get. Sometimes, the plagiarism remover could end up replacing the dull words with even more boring ones.

But, if you pick the right tool and if you give it a couple of tries, you can enjoy this benefit.

Content engagement is also a very necessary element for bloggers. Without engaging content, bloggers can’t build up a good readership.

>>  Removing Grammatical and Punctuation Errors

If you pick the right tool for removing plagiarism from your content, you can also the added the benefit of removing punctuation and grammatical errors.

However, depending on the tool that you use, the grammatical and punctuation errors could be removed either from the entire text or just the parts that are changed by the plagiarism remover.

As you may have noticed in the example above, the content that was given out by the plagiarism remover had the commas properly placed whereas the original did not have them.

This aspect is also important for bloggers because grammatical and punctuation errors can adversely affect the quality of their created content. If, however, a plagiarism remover is used, there are chances that the grammatical and punctuation errors can be removed from either the entire content or from the parts changed by the tool.


Plagiarism removers are useful tools that can be particularly helpful for bloggers. Unfortunately, not a lot of people know about them, and they can miss out on using them altogether.

If you happen to be a blogger and you’re not using a plagiarism remover as part of your content optimization strategy, it’s about time you started doing it. With these tools, you can remove duplication from your content, make it more engaging and remove some or all of its grammatical/punctuation errors.

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