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6 Reasons Why You Need a Hosting Plan With Free Domain Name


As everyone knows, SEO is the best online marketing technique now. Having SEO consultancy service is now becoming preferred by many people because it works. But web marketing is so vast the people have now invented many new ways to build a successful website.

You need a hosting plan with a free domain name so that even if you don’t have expertise in creating websites, you can still access the information that will help you make an effective site.

When choosing a dedicated server or shared hosting plan, there are many factors to consider. These include data transfer allowance, storage area network (SAN), email accounts, and software applications include, among others. If you choose to get your hosting solution for your site, make sure it has all the features that would support your business or personal use website.

Here are six reasons why you need a hosting plan with a free domain name for every website:

1. Domain name

A domain is your site’s web address which you can use to connect with your audience. You need a free domain for every hosting plan because it can help build your website’s authority in the internet marketing arena. Every business should have its own unique name to identify other businesses, affiliates, and marketplaces.

2. Website content management system (CMS) access

Every hosting plan comes with free software for creating pages and editing text on specific templates or themes called CMS. A CMS helps you manage all the updates on your site without contacting the service provider every time you want changes on your site, like design changes, content updates, image uploads, etcetera. It will save you a lot of time and money, so it is best to sign up with a hosting provider that gives you access to CMS.

3. Unlimited storage space and bandwidth

Hosting plans come with limited disk space for each user, which means if your site is getting popular, it will run out of its storage allowance, and you will have to delete some data or add more disk space. It can slow down your site speed because the pages need to be compressed every time you add or delete something on your website. The same goes for bandwidth; your users may not want to wait for downloads and uploads while surfing your websites without sufficient bandwidth. It’s best to get unlimited storage and bandwidth provided by a hosting company. If they limit these, ask them if you can get your virtual private server (VPS) or dedicated hosting plan.

4. 24/7 technical support

When you need help with the setup and configuration of your site, you will need customer service who can answer all your questions instantly and resolve any issues promptly and efficiently. Make sure you choose a web host offering round-the-clock tech support for their customers. You do not want to wait for hours just to contact an agent; this is why a free domain name with every hosting plan is necessary. Because wherever there’s internet access, you can always find the solution on how to solve problems wherever they may arise.

5. Search engine optimization (SEO) tools

Search engine optimization helps improve your site ranking in search engine results. It’s easier to increase your site traffic when you are ranked in the top ten search listings, so this is why SEO tools are important for every site owner. The good thing about hosting providers offering free domain names with every plan is that it gives you access to SEO tools, including website builder, content management system, and more, which will help you create a high-ranking site in less time.

6. Free marketing credits

As the site continues to grow, it will need more visitors who can help increase its ranks in major web directories out there. When people visit your sites, they may be interested in subscribing through email or follow your social media accounts, too, so they can get updates from their subscribed email boxes or social networks, respectively. If you have a lot of new subscribers, it means your website is doing a great job of bringing in more visitors.

Wrapping Up!

When you need to find a good hosting plan with a free domain name, you have options on the net. You have to choose one that has all the features mentioned above and more. Once you sign up for their service, they will install things like CMS, search engine optimization tools, and email marketing software right after your account is activated.

These outstanding services from different companies can help increase traffic on your site without spending too much money or time on web design and content management systems that the provider will take care of for a small monthly fee. No more businesses are switching to shared hosting plans after discovering how beneficial cloud hosting is; with this hosting, your site can never go down as it stores data across different servers. It makes the website load time faster and more responsive for users visiting your pages. You do not have to worry about downtime because cloud hosting is virtual server managed, which means there’s always someone online on duty 24/7, making sure things run smoothly.

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