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7 Sites to Find High-Quality Free Stock Videos and Footages for Websites

Hello friends and today in this post, we’ll tell you several websites that provide a free stock of videos and photos based on my own experience and also helpful in web designing.

So here Using video/ images as backgrounds in website headers has emerged as a popularly trending in web design. These iteration video clips add a lot of dynamism to an online page as compared to straightforward pictures.

Not solely do these videos have interaction guests and improve user retention time on an internet site, they also add a “wow” factor to the overall look of the site and leave users with a unique and memorable experience.

Many websites among them provide you videos and images for free while other few sites require you to give attribution, and also some of them contain watermark free photos and videos.

You must Always make sure you read the terms and conditions regarding their usage before downloading stock videos and footages from these sites.

1) Pixabay Videos

Source: Pixabay

Pixabay is one in all the high free image sites that we tend to move to once we would like pictures for our work. They also offer images in various categories, including those vector and graphically generated images too. They even have an extensive library of accredited HD and 4K videos contributed by videographers from around the world.

These videos are royalty free and might be even using for complimentary in industrial comes. You will realize video clips from different classes like design, fashion, people, places, travel, and with different effects including slow motion, time-lapse, and animations. So whenever you are downloading, ‘you’ll get the videos in .mp4 format.

2) Pexels

Source: Pexels

So as being one of the most popular sites for sharing both images and video stocks with free of costs, they have provided a platform to find CC0 licensed images. Pexels Videos by them could be a video library that brings along inventive Commons also goes very same thing for the photo and images so called.

Zero accredited stock videos from totally different sources in one place. The videos/images are anesthetizing different classes like rocks, night, street, sky, sun, and many more for easy browsing.

3) All the free stock

Source: All the free stock

Okay now that’s quite a problematic part either that’s a name or a description but damn it’s the name for the site, don’t just underestimate with poor naming this site has covered not only image and video but audio as well. They provide free approached to the users for both photos and videos.

It’s of excellent choice to get some fascinating quality of stock from this stock site.



This site is quite popular; this one has got relations with the Co-owners of the beachfront B-roll. Also, they provide a wide range of videos and images for copyright – free purposes, yes that’s what we were looking for.

5) Splash Base

Source: Splash Base

Okay, so here this one is perfect for the ideal researchers who love digging tons to get their things. Also, This provides a search and discovery platform for your need. Whether it’s a set of images you were looking for or some of the mesmerizing footages, this one gives you all that you might be thinking.

6) IStock

Source: IStock

As similar to very of those we have been looking at, this one is also a royalty-free service provider that lets you use free images and video clips (footages) so that you can use them for any your purpose either personal or commercial doesn’t matter. I stock a broad user base and quite popular among the users looking for royalty free sites for image and videos

7) Story blocks


So story blocks are also one of the much more followed royalty free images and footage s service provider which are very satisfying and are free of cost to use, they come with no restriction for purposes such as personal or formal commercial purposes. It allows you to choose from millions of images, videos, stocks, audios, and so much more to explore.

So, guys, we got some site that shares videos and images both, for free of cost for any uses as it’s for either commercial or personal purpose. These sites have been offering various stocks despite, having some paid ranges too, they have provided me a different type of artwork such as graphically designed image, vectors images and so much more for the users to explore and use.

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