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Door opening systems offer both the perfect security solution and easy compliance for companies with the Disability Equality Act. Intercom technology has come a long way from the original analog audio systems with a panel at the front door and a dedicated front-end handset that allows you to “hook in”. First, a video was added so the callers could be closely examined . After black  video türsprechanlage and white came color versions . Next, digital signals replaced analog.

Telephone integration

In the next incarnation, the dedicated handsets were no longer needed. The call panel at the gate or door was connected to a telephone line or switchboard. This type is one of the more sophisticated door entry systems currently available. It is popular with landlords or people tasked with managing apartment blocks.

When a visitor presses an apartment number, the operator short-codes the resident’s phone number and connects the visitor to the operator. Access can then be granted, often by simply pressing zero on the phone keypad. Some versions include videos that can be viewed on a specific TV channel in the home, adding another layer of security for extra peace of mind.

Coded Access: Benefits for Homes and Businesses

Many systems do not require the resident to have a traditional key. You can either have encrypted access or receive a key fob/card. This emits a signal that also grants access. An important advantage of this is that you don’t have to change the lock if the fob/card is misplaced like you would if an ordinary key is lost. The fob/card can be immediately deleted from the system and a new one added and issued to the resident. The system software also allows phone numbers to be changed as needed, adding even more value.

This system can work equally well in a business environment. The front-door station is connected to the telephone exchange of the telecommunications system and automatically selects the set extension, which can be easily adjusted using simple software. So if the receptionist is on her lunch break, the incoming calls can be diverted to another telephone. Where BT landline is not available, a GSM system connects to a mobile phone for total flexibility.

Door intercoms with IP integration

The latest development is a door entry system that works over an internet connection via an internet protocol (IP) phone or tablet, laptop or PC. This means that distance to the security or property manager is never an issue and one person can restrict or provide access and admin control i.e. programming users, deleting, querying and changing door status to a number of locations where this is required. With WIFI, you can also sit in the comfort of your own home watching your favorite TV programs  video türsprechanlage and quickly process a request for access to any of your many venues using your smartphone or iPad .

Here to help you choose the right door opening system

It’s not always clear what best suits your circumstances. If you are investing in a new door intercom, it makes sense to seek advice from experts.

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