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A Python developer – who he is and how to learn Python from scratch 

Lately, they talk about Python a lot. Everyone seems to have forgotten that there are other languages: Go, Java, TypeScript, the languages of C group. Why exactly Python developer is one of the most desirable positions for novice programmers? We explain the peculiarities of this profession in this article. 

Who is a Python Developer 

Python developer is a specialist who creates a variety of software products, such as websites, web applications, games, online services and desktop programs. This is a universal developer in theory. But in practice, a python programmer can be divided into several species. The work of a Python Developer consists in using the programming language for designing, developing, debugging and implementing software products. In addition, such programmers are often required to link multiple programs to third-party web services, providing full integration of two or more applications.  

How to become a Python developer – training 

To train for this specialists can use different sources of knowledge: 

  1. Books and Websites. This method will be useful to form a basic knowledge of the necessary technologies needed in the future, as well as the relevant tools. You will find out what to read at the very end of our article. 
  1. Paid courses. To the availability and structuring of information, paid courses – are the most convenient option. Often the courses of even famous companies suffer from a lack of practice, so recommending this method alone may not be quite right. So, in any case, I’ll have to worry about self-study. In addition, the amount of knowledge that many popular courses give is often insufficient. Python: Data Analysis and Machine Learning are free from all of the above. This solution will help you if you have already decided on the future specialization and focus on two areas: data analysis and ML. 
  1. Provides all the advantages of academic education, for example, logical course design and a large number of practices. The truth of specific directions to study Python will be difficult to find. 
  1. Individual mentoring (mentoring). Perhaps only the latter can be recommended as a universal solution to becoming a python developer from scratch. Individual coaching will provide you with enough practice. 


In Python programming language there are solutions for almost all industries: from machine learning, and artificial intelligence to web development. All this can be applied in various fields, from finance to fashion and beauty. Large companies trust Python and have long switched to it (YouTube, Google, Amazon and many others). Thus Python programmers become more and more in demand and their salaries are growing. 

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