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Blogger SEO Free tools – You should have to know

Blogger Seo Tools free - You shoult know about it.

1. Paraphraser is a competent tool that provides the best kind of AI paraphrasing. It is a freemium tool that provides five modes for paraphrasing any content. Using the different modes you can improve the readability of your text, make it shorter, and can improve its tone in no time.

2. plagiarism-checker (Duplicate Checker)

Smallseotools plagrism checker is a very useful and free to use tool that searches the given contents across multiples sites and search engines to find plag contents and later shows which lines and phrases are copied or simply plagued. It’s very useful interms to check if your article or blog contents copied contents from others site or not to ensure you don’t get copyright issues. Also for teachers it’s useful to check plag for assignments from the students. 

3. Article Re-writer

Small SEO tools, artole writer is also another top feature from the site, which allows the system to rewrite the given phrases and paragraphs in order to reduce the plagrism and also to help to develop a unique content. Sometimes it’s also used to enhance one’s written article using these tools which are contained of very high vocabularies. 

4. Grammer Checker

Similarly like other tools, this tool is also very useful and performs search across the written text looking for any sort of grammmartical errors. And when done highlights the words and phrases with grammmartical errors. Time when you are witting something at a very short of time, we might often create some mistakes so at those times this feature comes handy. 

5. Image Size Compressor

With the name it’s very easy to understand, this link leads us to a page, where the users are allowed to compress the images they desire, which when used in blogs and site helps to enhances the speed of the site with easy loading of images when reduced to small size. 

6. Backlink Maker

Backlink-maker is also a sort option we often use for affiliate purpose to convert ugly boring lengthy URL and links into easy, short, simple URL to easily forward it to users and readers. The above link leads us to the tool page. 

7. Backlink Checker

Check backlink

Back link checker interms is quite closely related to our backlink-maker, here this option let’s you check whether the desired backlink-maker requested by the user is available for use or not. Which prevents use of your traffic for others need.

8. Website SEO Score Checker

Talking about blogs and site tools, one can’t miss the SEO score checker, SEO holds a very vital role in leading page traffic so, this tools allows the user to check the score how good is their site performing under the SEO objective to lead. 

9. Visitor Counter (Traffic Checker)

This tool allows the users to ensure and check the traffic of users on a respective site, where the user is allowed to chose a domain they are intrested to check and further can settle a meter to get the output for the total no. Of visitors. 

10. Google Malware Checker

There are tons of links we see and hear on the the regular basis which are safe to visit or not, this very free tool helps us to check out whether the desired link is safe to use or not. This feature let’s you check any sites malware and informs whether it’s safe to use or not. 

11. Google Index Checker

Overall website owners and SEO professionals now use tools like this Google Index Checker by Small SEO Tools to shortly and easily access stats on how many web pages (URLs) that Google can index on a particular website.

Where this very Google Index Checker tool easily provides you some valuable information that you can get in just a matter of seconds. 

Alternative Tool:

12. Mobile Friendly Test

Now many of us understand that several sites out there which are highly compatible on desktop aren’t much compatible while performing usage over mobile devices. So this site holds special key features testing which tells how much is a site compatible for a mobile device. 

13. (Free Stock Images) is a stock image site, where it offers free images for use to the users also owns some premium collection but mostly important part is you are allowed to use its free image for loading into your blogs, articles, presentations without any worries for copyright segments. 

14. Keyword Planner

Simply new terms for beginners but a very common terms for professional, introducing the keyword planner by, this features helps you to sort out the desired keyword for your need whether it’s for tags or for advertisement purpose. 

15. Canva (Free Logo & Readymade Graphics)

Canva along with being a site is also a very popularly used mobile application available on the the playstore as well. The app allows the users to design and publish graphical designs whether it’s for templates or banners or for presentations needs. 

16. Google Anilytics

Google analytics is a another program by Google that lets you easily search in deep about the visitors upon your site in simple words. 

This one shows you a easy data representation for clicks View and no. Of visitors upon your site which helps you you conclude of performance of your site 

17. Google Search Console

Google search console is a set of collection of tools specially crafted for the website Admins, owners and bloggers to maintain their site. This feature come with some really worth using tools which let’s you run a easy administration over the your site. 

18. Page Speed Checker

This site tool, is a very impressive thing you’ll come across, this is a domain analyser, that analyses and monitors your domain with key features such as plag, loading speed and other necessary sections.

Alternative Tools:
2. Google Pagespeed Insight
3. GT Metrix

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