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Renewable energy boilers

Installing a new boiler system can be a costly affair. Modern Renewable energy boilers boiler systems are notoriously expensive due to the complex electronics inside. While they can help you save money by being more energy efficient than older A-class boilers, the initial boiler installation costs can be quite high.

However, with any type of installation job there are a number of different factors that can both save you money and increase the overall cost and we’ve listed some of the key points below.

What affects the installation cost of the boiler?

Of all the factors that impact overall cost, these are the three that we think are the most influential and often overlooked:

Plot size:

This is directly related to the price of the installation. Larger houses mean more rooms to heat, which means more radiators to be installed and a larger capacity boiler to be fitted. Even if you have the necessary infrastructure/ piping , you will still be looking for larger and more expensive boilers to install. One factor that is often overlooked is the ability to expand the property. If you plan to expand the property in the future, it pays to install a boiler capable of handling the additional size and heating needs of the additional rooms.

Any existing boiler infrastructure:

Do you have pipes and radiators that are suitable for your new boiler? In this case, the total cost of boiler installation can be significantly reduced. However, they still need to be flushed with electricity before installing a new boiler. If not, you will need a complete plumbing installation including all plumbing , radiators and additional items such as water tanks.

Selected boiler type:

It may seem obvious, but the choice of boiler will directly affect the overall cost of the project. The fuel type means different boilers at different prices. So whether you use oil or gas, for example, the boiler costs are different. If you only use gas, you can also opt for a high-efficiency Class A boiler, which is more expensive to buy but can save you a lot of money on your heating bills every year.


In summary, it is clear that there are many different factors that can affect your overall boiler installation costs and it is difficult to pin them down without accurate quotes from professionals. Fortunately, this is now possible online.

A quick look at boiler installation issues

With over a million boilers sold each year, there are very many people who want to learn about the complexities (if any) of a proper boiler installation. In many cases, the person performing this installation is a specially qualified installer, while in other cases the person performing the installation may not have much formal training. However, in order for the installation of the boiler to go smoothly, you need to be very careful about who you use.

Often even the actual selection of the boiler is left to the installer, who is very familiar with the selection of the right boiler. However, wiser people know that buying a gas boiler is an important decision, and the subsequent installation of the boiler is also no less important. To protect your investment, it is therefore important that you choose your boiler very carefully.

boiler installation

When installing gas boilers, you need to address a few important points, since these boilers require special installation. Therefore, before buying such a boiler, be sure to have a heating test carried out. Because the installation regulations can be very complicated and must be correctly interpreted by qualified hands.

Even if you have previously installed a conventional boiler, this does not mean that you can simply exchange it for a new gas boiler. When it comes to hiring someone to install for you, you’ll need to decide whether to hire a national company or hire a contract installer to do the job for you on site.

If you choose to use a local installer you will need to ensure that they are Gas Safe and CORGI registered. In addition, they must be suitably qualified for this type of work and you must also ask the local installer to show you their CORGI ID card before allowing them to start the installation for you.

Treat your boiler installation

You can also choose to hire a national company to carry out your boiler installation. They will provide you with expert help and install the new boiler much faster and more efficiently. This is because such companies only hire the most highly trained staff who are more than just experienced plumbers because they also know how to take good care of your home.

These people will usually call you to confirm their appointment Renewable energy boilers to have the boiler installed. You can also install new ones as well as replace an existing boiler. In addition, they offer other services and ensure that there is minimal disruption to your daily routine. For example, they bring dust protection foils and clean up your premises after the assembly work has been completed.

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