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Can i use Google Adsense ads And Amazon Affiliate Banner at the same page?

Can i use Google Adsense ads And Amazon Affiliate Banner at the same page

This is the most common question of new blogger entrants who have just started monetizing their affiliate websites and seeing AdSense on their blogs. AdSense is a contextual ad network where there is no other ad network that can simulate ads like AdSense (For example: . You should read the second media policy page to avoid conflicts with certain links or products. However, there are a few limitations:

You can place affiliate ads next to AdSense ads without violating AdSense policies. In general, the color and format of affiliate ads (Amazon) only need to be different enough from Google to help you easily determine which ads are AdSense and affiliate ads.

Additionally, the number of AdSense and affiliate ads may not exceed the original content. If not, AdSense will mark your account. Maintain the user experience and limit your ads, whether AdSense or partner ads. Additionally, affiliate ads cannot be associated with items that are not permitted by AdSense. Although you can only use three AdSense ads on one page of your website, you can use as more ads on the same page as you want. You should be able to add Amazon partners like other ad networks.

You can earn more money with affiliate links than with Adsense. Therefore, the focus must always be on affiliate relationships. For example, if you have a website where you can find links to several affiliate products on your blog site. Not the best idea to run ads related to other things.

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