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Digital Ocean Hosting Review – Core features, pros, and cons

Presenting Digital Ocean 

DigitalOcean spends significant time in cloud facilitating. They give an adaptable framework to designers to manufacture sites and applications with quick organization times. 

Situated in New York City, DigitalOcean was established in 2011 by Ben and Moisey Uretsky. 

In 2013, Netcraft remembered it as one of the quickest developing cloud facilitating administrations, demolishing Amazon Web Services, and in 2014 perceived DigitalOcean as the third biggest facilitating organization on the planet. 

DigitalOcean is sponsored by financing from Andreessen Horowitz, IA Ventures, Techstars, and Crunchfund. 

Cloud Hosting Services 

DigitalOcean’s administrations are made explicitly for designers everything being equal, from individual to big business. 

Facilitating Plans 

They offer a few degrees of cloud-put together facilitating depending concerning your capacity and volume needs, charged on a month to month or hourly premise. 

The level you pick will decide the measure of memory, center processors, plate space, and move limit remembered for your arrangement. 

The genuine magnificence of their administrations is that you just compensation for the assets you use. 

On many webs have, you need to pick a higher level arrangement just to get root access, regardless of whether you needn’t bother with that degree of assets. On DigitalOcean, you pay dependent on: 

  • Smash 
  • Computer chips 
  • Plate space (all SSD) 
  • Data transfer capacity. 
  • Highlights 

On the head of the beads that DigitalOcean is notable for, they offer numerous extra highlights to support designers. Here are a couple of the most significant ones. 


Kubernetes lets you rapidly convey and scale up a containerized application in groups. DigitalOcean gives all the principle Kubernetes parts for nothing, and you’ll just compensation for the assets they use. 

Whenever empowered, which is simple on DigitalOcean, load balancers spread out your traffic to different beads to guarantee that all clients have an ideal encounter. 

You pay an exceptionally little level hourly expense for load balancers. 

A single Click Apps 

If that wasn’t adequate, DigitalOcean likewise offers a single tick application for your beads, so you can spare much additional time. 

These applications include: 

  • MySQL 
  • Docker 
  • Light stack 
  • MongoDB 
  • Node.js 
  • WordPress 
  • PhpMyAdmin 
  • Ruby On Rails 
  • Apparition 
  • AI. 

They have basically every web advancement popular expression you’ve ever observed on Hacker News. 

You just compensation for the machines you use, which can assist you with controlling expenses. It’s no mishap that distributed computing suppliers like Amazon and DigitalOcean are well known for new companies. 

Coordinated effort and Reliability 

The organization has additionally made it simple for groups to team up in building DigitalOcean-empowered applications. 

They can cooperate, being charged on one receipt, and not sharing certifications, which can bargain security. 

For greater dependability, the organization offers “Gliding IPs,” where IP locations can be immediately re-imagined. 

On the off chance that a bead comes up short, its IP can be reassigned to a backup bead to keep the application running. 

Information and Storage 

While you can turn up and erase your beads, shouldn’t something be said about the information that they cycle? You’ll have to keep that around. 

DigitalOcean has thought of this. They offer two sorts of capacity: block stockpiling and article stockpiling. 

Square Storage 

Square stockpiling works simply like a hard drive on your PC. Square stockpiling ranges in size from 1 GB to 16 TB. You can join hinders simply like a RAID framework. 

The information in the squares is imitated over a few worker racks for excess. It’s likewise encoded to shield prying eyes from seeing your delicate data. 

You can re-scale the squares continuously and move them to various beads. 

Arranging Block Storage 

Squares can be naturally designed and appended to Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, CoreOS, and Fedora Atomic beads. 

For unexpected, weighty remaining burdens, blocks are likewise burstable for an additional speed help. 

The entirety of the squares run on SSDs, so they’re really quick as of now. 

Control Panel and Interface 

cPanel may control the web facilitating industry, yet DigitalOcean doesn’t care for an ordinary web facilitating supplier. 

DigitalOcean Is for Developers 

Their contributions are clear for genuine engineers. They’re significantly less keen on holding your hand than different suppliers. 

Since they’re designed more for individuals building custom web applications, they don’t offer numerous things that may appear to be typical. For instance, they don’t offer any sort of shared or VPS web facilitating. 

Introduce cPanel Yourself 

If you need cPanel, you’ll need to buy and introduce yourself. It’s not accessible on the single tick arrangements. 

DigitalOcean is intended for the sort of individuals who have a most loved Unix shell, and who shouldn’t be spoiled with a graphical control board. 

Their objective market is the no-nonsense designer who lives inside a word processor and an SSH window, so the absence of cPanel is certifiably not a significant misfortune. 

The DigitalOcean Interface 

Fortunately, DigitalOcean as of now has an all-around planned interface for sending and observing your beads. 

Here’s the principle DigitalOcean interface, you’ll deal with your “activities” and beads utilizing the menu bar on the left side: 

You can utilize the splendid green “make” button at the top to include another bead, space, load balancer, or some other component whenever. 

Let me rapidly walk you through setting up another standard bead so you can perceive how straightforward it is. 

Beginning and Managing Your Server 

We start by utilizing the make button at the head of our record and clicking “bead.” 

You start with a worker picture, which can either be a famous OS (Ubuntu, Fedora, and so forth.), or any of those a single tick application we referenced previously. 

Select Your Resources 

Next, you pick the number of assets you think you’ll require. 

Start little, since you can generally update (yet not generally minimize), and the overage charges are entirely sensible on DigitalOcean. 

There are a couple of fundamental choices after that to allow you to pick: 

  1. Which server farm area to utilize. 
  2. To empower programmed reinforcements (+20% of bead cost). 
  3. To include any square stockpiling. 
  4. Include SSH keys. 
  5. The number of beads (with similar settings) you’d prefer to send. 
  6. Make Your Droplet 

When done, you click to make, and your bead will be made inside minutes all things considered (relies upon the settings you picked). 

At the point when a bead is conveyed, you can either SSH into it (normal), or utilize the “comfort” choice for that drop in your DigitalOcean record to open a terminal. 


DigitalOcean has datacenters in: 

  • San Francisco 
  • London 
  • Singapore 
  • Bangalore 
  • Three each in New York and Amsterdam. 
  • The Singapore server farm upholds IPv6, and DigitalOcean plans to turn out help to its other server farms right away. 

Particular Technology 

DigitalOcean assembled their own custom back-end programming. Cloud workers are manufactured utilizing KVM Virtualization on Intel’s Hex-Core CPUs with committed ECC Ram and RAID SSD stockpiling. 

You can utilize DigitalOcean’s control board, or utilize DigitalOcean’s name-separated API to plan your own. 

From the control board, you can a single tick introduce basic applications or Linux disseminations to your beads, for example, CentOS or FreeBSD, and WordPress, or Drupal. 


DigitalOcean offers reinforcements and depictions that can be utilized to spare, reestablish, or copy your beads. 

Reinforcements versus Snapshot 

Clients can physically make previews all alone whenever, while reinforcements are naturally run on a normal timetable. 

DigitalOcean stores previews and reinforcements on independent equipment from the first information. 


Depiction stockpiling is charged by the gigabyte, and DigitalOcean offers standard programmed reinforcements at 20% of the expense of every bead. 

Clients have the choice of empowering programmed reinforcements while making another bead. Reinforcements are put away by DigitalOcean and can’t be downloaded. 

The terms of administration note that the client is exclusively answerable for their own information and that DigitalOcean can’t be considered liable for lost or potentially unrecoverable information. 


Security is consistently a worry with any web have, yet it turns out to be particularly significant with regards to cloud facilitating. 

Restricted Staff Access 

DigitalOcean limits staff admittance to its most basic frameworks: specialized care staff doesn’t approach the backend hypervisors, and just the designing group can get to the previews and reinforcement stockpiling framework. 

Worker Safety 

Their server farms are truly ensured by the nonstop safety crew. They likewise have biometric perusers and two-factor verification. 

At long last, they are ensured by public and global security guidelines. 

Client Monitoring 

DigitalOcean has a broad control board with continuous observing of bead organizations. Clients can follow: 

  • Computer processor utilization 
  • Organization use 
  • Plate utilization 
  • Plate I/O 
  • Memory use 
  • Bead measures. 

You can likewise set up alarms for specific occasions, for example, when CPU utilization surpasses an edge. The cautions are sent through Slack or email. 

You can whitelist IP addresses for your heap balancers or beads or determine the scope of addresses. You can likewise whitelist by labels. The firewall naturally obstructs access before you’ve made whitelists. 


The organization additionally offers cloud firewalls. Firewall rules can be applied to various beads immediately. The entirety of the guidelines is incorporated in one view. 

Pros and Cons


  • Extraordinary incentive at the cost point 
  • Straightforward and brisk organization 
  • Predominant worker quality and dependability 


  • Can be overpowering for apprentices 
  • Worker arrangement requires significant investment 

With 17+ surveys from DigitalOcean clients, they score 4 out of 5 stars, with the best grades for quality and highlights like cooperation and 1-click applications.

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