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Facebook Producing TikTok-inspired “Collab” app – mark zuckerberg

Facebook Producing TikTok-Inspired Collab App - Mark Zuckerberg

App is launching as an invite-only beta.

On Wednesday announced the Collab app, a TikTok alternative app for making music with friends. Collab is launching as an invite-only beta on iOS, according to a release from the NPE team. With Collab, users can create, watch, and mash-up original videos and music. 

Almost Similar to TikTok, users on Collab can make short videos and further sync it with existing videos of other users to create perfect harmony. However, users here can sync three videos in landscape mode simultaneously instead of two vertical videos like on TikTok. Although, the final video will still be vertical.

How to get this APP?

It is important to note that Facebook will be opening up invites in batches, starting with users in the US and Canada. You can request access by signing up for a waitlist.

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