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Free Premium (.design) Domain Registration For Your business


For the designers, It’s really awesome that we can get a domain name that reflects what we do, .design.

I thinks it should be perfect extension for any kind of designers like: Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Fashion Designer, Interior designer etc…

But: The first year is free, and yearly renewals will be $35, still why it would be great? (.design) is the top-level domain extension to build your business websites. You can reserve the best (.design) domain name and sell them to another person.

Included Free Features With Domain

  • Free Domain Marketplace: This option helps you to sell your reserved domain to another person, It’s quite easy to set price for any domain names that you have registered before.
  • Free email hosting – You can host your business email account for free, For example, [email protected] or [email protected], or any other name you want.
  • SSL Security – An SSL certificate will encrypt your visitors’ sensitive data, and also visible your site with “HTTPS” in your address bar, which will let visitors know that you’ve made their security your top priority. You’ll also avoid the “NOT SECURE” label from Google.
  • Free WHOIS Privacy – Your contact information will be hidden (only if you want), and protected forever. Other registrars charge you for this. They won’t.
  • Free website builder – If you want to build your .design website with no code, you can build it for free using their site builder, powered by Weebly. And with this option, you don’t have to pay for website hosting.
  • Free domain connection – Whether you built your website (or plan to build it) with other services like WIX, SquareSpace, or Weebly, you can easily connect your .design domain to your website platform.
  • Free Nameserver Management: If you want to host (.design domain) to other hosting services providers like CloudBegan, Siteground, Digital Ocean, etc.. you can easily customize nameserver with domain control panel.

Register you domain name for free.

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