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Get adsense approval? Are you a blogger? Eligibility criteria 2020/21.

Blogging has been one of most top priorities this year including last 5 years following.So what comes next? Well, it’s blogging again, so reasons why this thing has been taking a majority of the media, influence and also been a major economic support to millions of writers and bloggers.No doubt this has turned the tables with its very influential platform over the Internet. Things that most of the youths have considered wrong is that blogging is just for money. Despite money is an actual notation to work over this shit.

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Moving on blogging is truly quite informative, that’s 100% you get form a blog whether it’s upon someone’s life, or based over tech or also can be written over any subject it pulls a wide range of reader possible.You might have heard about successful people asking people to read a variety of kinds of stuff such as books, and other kinds of stuff well this one has taken this thing digitally and reasons why it’s very popular.

This way of information has increased the interactivity of the users over the Internet surfing thing. Talking about the economic part, everyone almost each of the blogs are truly dedicated four money purpose.People share knowledge over things they are good at or they know about writing over which they can share it with other readers which makes them a very good payout. 

Well how’s the sum generated? No doubt none of the readers gave to play to read blogs, despite its the ad agencies that does the work.They post a great set of advertisements that follows up with the length and quality of the blog which when viewed by the users turns into cashable profit.

So the major center for leading the tasks comes from the one and only Google Adsense. Well this a a very well and extremely top level ad agencies with a ad range from millions of companies serving over millions of site and also has been successfully leading a better life to several expert minds. 

Google Adsense does give a better option but comes with a very higher range of the set of rules that needs to be well followed, this company owns the right to discontinue its work with blogs any moment. Also won’t be that simple or easy to get approval from the Adsense. So today here we will be talking how you can create a blog for easy approval.

Let’s start

So we’ll be listing down some of the important things that you need to really pay attention while you create the blog for a better response from the ad company.

  • A valid website with proper domain and private hosting.
  • Avoid the use of free hosting as this screws up your site when used by a wide range of people the site might actually suffer a shutdown or loading issues. Also, some free hosting comes with very poor loading speed so for a better interface you need to to pay the price. 
  • These companies target qualitative contents, so you must be very careful with what you write your blog, the quality of the words should be well built enough to attract the reader and must be great enough to be easily understood. This how-to Google accepts a qualitative blog with better content 
  • The qualitative blog will also register with the page contents such as about, terms of use, contact tabs. So you must add them with priority with the establishment of the page, which ensures a better reader and writer relation to helps to publish a site at ext rented levels which profit the company. 
  • Next comes is the layout, unless you come with a better layout you ain’t going anywhere, with a clean and simple layout with enough info managed at their corresponding places you can’t be moving ahead.
  • You must hold at least 20-25 posts in your blog which isn’t compulsory but is taken as a standard size of the blog so that an easier approval is accessed. 
  • Coming up with next is the use of original contents. Using plag contents or item copied will surely just not only lead your cancellation with AdSense but also the permanent banishment of your account along with threats to your blog for the permanent erasure 
  • Next is about using free images. Using Google images on your site to get approval from the Google AdSense won’t be a smart step. So when you need to add photos to the blog either your case the right with documentation or else you can also seek for free to use images from several sites. 
  • You need to be regular at the site, losing the quality after applying for the approval won’t make you smart, so you always need to maintain the page well with regular posting. Which ensures that the company does owe profit working with you. 

So not just ending the words here, we can truly understand how clean your works are needs to be done, no cheat code in game of money, you gotta owe the straight way.

When you follow some of the visual things for a better blog you are truly eligible to apply 6 with higher chances of getting approval unless Google gets it worth trying out so you better need to be working and learning to develop even further.

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