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How Do Novices Learn Noorani Qaida? 10 Helpful Tips

10 Advice for Novices Learning Noorani Qaida

Beginners who are serious about learning to read the Quran from the beginning must remember that Noorani Qaida is the first step in this direction. This brief pamphlet, commonly known as the mini-Quran, outlines the basic rules for reading the Quran.

Noorani Qaida, which is regarded as the basis of Quran reading, is crucial for acquiring proficiency in Quranic Arabic. Upon completion, you will be able to simply recite the Quran by utilising simple rules.

Without understanding the fundamentals, it is impossible to read Arabic correctly and fluently. We have compiled a list of ten helpful Noorani Qaida learning suggestions for beginners. Peruse them to get knowledge.

1- Employ an Arab Tutor to Effectively Master All Noorani Qaida Lessons

Therefore, the first and essential piece of advice for beginning this learning adventure is to employ a local Arab tutor as opposed to learning on your own.

We recommend employing a native speaker for the following reasons: They have an excellent Arabic accent. They know how to teach non-Arabs by making Arabic incredibly easy for them. They are aware of the mistakes non-Arabs make.

It is beneficial to have an instructor who assists you and makes each session simple. Second, it’s better to hire a tutor from a platform with a good reputation because they’ve already checked out their tutors before hiring them. They are experienced in teaching through their medium. They are aware of the tactics that work best for novices.

2- The Best Noorani Qaida Class Is One-On-One

If you are going to read Noorani Qaida for the very first time, select a private tutoring session. The advantages of such a course for beginners are as follows: You receive a highly-focused course with numerous modifications.

The focus is more on learning than on social interaction.

✅ More time to practise and immediate feedback from the tutor.

Learning Qaida is a really engaging exercise that may be enjoyed more in a private class. We recommend enrolling in Quran classes since they offer the greatest individualised online Noorani Qaida classes.

3-Create an Individualized Qaida Learning Plan

A customised Qaida plan is essential for mastering the fundamentals of Arabic reading. It allowed you to keep on course and concentrate on what you lacked. These plans include: Classes based on the topics you wish to study.

✅ Concentrate on the rules you wish to master. Managing the syllabus in accordance with your needs.

Applying imperfect rules in practise.

In their Noorani Qaida classes for children, Quran classes give a unique and structured study plan that meets all the demands of the student, especially novices.

4- Focus On Makharij

Arabic script is predicated on accurate articulation points (makharij). Typically, non-Arabs confuse the throat makharij of heavy Haa () with light Haa (). They must differentiate between letters that resemble one another by focusing on their makharij.

If you are able to master your pronunciation, you will be able to: Read the Quran with the same accuracy as native Arabs; Apply the basic rules of Quran reading without difficulty.

✅ You will soon be on your way to begin Tajweed courses.

Therefore, pay close attention to how each letter is spoken to make the remainder of the journey a breeze.

5- Read Examples From Quran

As soon as you have a firm grasp of the common rules taught in Noorani Qaida, you should begin locating and reading Quranic instances. This will assist you in refining your qira’a.

Suppose you have recently mastered the rule of madd. Find examples from the very first Surah, i.e. Al-Fatiha, where the madd rule is applicable, and implement it in every Salah. You will shortly realise that your recitation is error-free.

6- Train Yourself to Read Short Verses and Surahs

This is the finest way to put your theoretical knowledge into practise. If you prefer a certain Qari’s recitation, play the audio of the Ayaat you often recite in Salah.

If you have any mistakes in makharij, listening to it and then reading it will correct them. Our Quran instructors employ this idea extraordinarily in their Quran reading classes by incorporating highly interesting activities.

7- Use a Loud and Clear Voice When Practicing

Another recommendation for novices learning Qaida is to practise with a loud voice to improve throat singing. Some letters, such as aaien daad both haa , are typically difficult for non-Arabs to pronounce. both Kaaf ق ،ک ✅ saa ث، ص

When you read with a clear, loud voice, you will strike the articulation point precisely. Then, practise all of these letters by combining them to form a word or by locating similar words in the Quran.

8- Acquire Knowledge by Dividing Qaida into Levels.

Beginners might be easily misled owing to their lack of information; therefore, once you’ve selected a learning platform, let them teach you through levels. Typically, there are three: Basic Medium Advanced

You will go from the simplest lessons to the more challenging ones in the end. This method will not make learning Qaida difficult for you.

9- Review and Implement Your New Knowledge

As soon as you have read the introductory chapters, you should begin to implement it in your Quran reading. This will help you quickly enhance your reciting. Apply Noon and Meem sakinah wherever it is applicable.

Quran classes strive to make these practical recommendations accessible so that novices can learn the Quran online effectively. They employ cutting-edge technology to make each instruction outcome-focused.

10- Teach Others all the fundamental lessons.

It is believed that when you learn something and teach it to someone else, your knowledge grows. Therefore, teach daily to your siblings, parents, spouse, etc. in order to develop your own learning.

Help people perfect their makharij from the start of their education. This will boost your practise time, and the benefits you will receive are incalculable.


There is no age restriction for beginning Quran study. Commit to and maintain your resolve to study Noorani Qaida’s foundational lessons on the day you decide to initiate the endeavour. We have suggested the best search engine to reduce your search time.

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