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How To Check Your 12 Results – NEB result check


So today here we got some most accessible ways to get results of class 12 when gets released officially by NEB for the attendants of recently held final exams for 12th grade by the board — so using the Internet to track down your result using symbol no.

Without any further extra charges or at a very extremely low rate is quite an effortless way to get access over your grade sheet virtually.

Because of this, it’s quite more comfortable nowadays to quickly get your hands on the results by the help of the Internet and messaging services.

A long time ago, it used to happen such that people were bound to buy newspapers to get view upon the result of those respective places.

People had to scroll down the entire publication to make a look over their grades.

Thanks to technology the workload for both the publishers and consumers has reduced into lowest rate possible as It was quite tedious and time-consuming and consecutively say expensive as compared to now you can see you marks online without any charges if you have a free Internet connection.

There are no extra charges taken by the board of Nepal for previewing the results it’s completely free.

The higher secondary education board (HSEB) along with NEB ensures that everyone Owns easy access to their results on time so for which they patch up with the various organisation to reduce traffic over a single site or network so that everyone seamlessly can get to touch with their desired path of a way to get their results.

When you start Talking about some of are like NTC! the telecommunication company, then comes the most popular sparrow SMS this one is no doubt the most extensive serving place, it uses SMS to send your results so it might cost ⅔ rs per SMS.

Further, there’s the official site itself helping the students reach their effects. Undoubtedly you’ll be having results with often expected to arrive under or nearby to 3 months of the exams being over.

These results might get delayed due to any strike or political issues, so you need to be getting regular updates. Despite the there’s a hard effort by the system to get easy access to results its quite late to get effects to cause three months or more means a lot of time as a lot of students are awaited to joining for abroad studies so many of them miss the Opportunity because of this delay.

The results come in the following way as the exams take place, first comes 10th board result, then comes 12th results and finally comes 11th results.

So as per you are currently obsessed with 12s results, you don’t need to waiting much longer. Especially this year it’s expected to be coming around Bhadra first week.

1) NEB

Source: NEB

What can be better than starting with organisation handling all sorts of activities for the betterment if educational sector, so here you got the official site of NEB itself, staying with NEB, it stands for Nepal education Board?

Looking for more info regarding these, this institution holds the responsibility for the boards of exams of 11 & 12. Also within that comes the responsibility of checking, submission and publication of results too.

The official site of NEB also has a part within it where you can view any of your results of the current year after publishment using your symbol no and date of birth.

Being an official governmental site this one has no fake output. Despite if you have doubts over the results, you can further apply for a recheck and continue the other processes.

It’s entirely free to view many results you are willing with proper symbol no.

2) Sparrow SMS

Sparrow SMS
Source: Sparrow SMS

One of the widely known and easily recognisable name in the field of updates over the educational sector, especially for those related to boards exams.

This company has been offering viewing results services by the processes of the SMS. So as you are familiar, the SMS services in Nepal aren’t free to use they charge some amount for the use of the SMS.

So all you have to do is to SMS your symbol no to the given company no and later you’ll get an SMS with your result. This site also got its app that helps you do the SMS on your behalf enter the symbol no, and the charges apply and done.

3) NTC

Source: wikipedia

So, guys, we start with NTC, So the term stands for Nepal telecom, its one of the oldest and largest telecommunication services provider in Nepal, its headquarters are located in Kathmandu.

Ntc provides services such as mobile SIM cards, landline services, Internet services via ADSL and other means. So being so much in popularity, NTC also started helping in the distribution of results, not by mark sheets physically but NTC prepares site within its official website where the database for the results can be accessed using the required symbol no. Of the student, along with their D.O.B. for the complete mark sheet.

This site is one of the top-rated sites. The interface is quite simple and not laggy as compared to those pages with tons of ads lagging around.

The results show by the sites are 100% real and are legally licensed by the NEB. It’s entirely free to view many results you are willing with proper symbol no.

4) Edu Sanjal

Edu sanjal
Source: Edu sanjal

So talking more over about this one let’s share some details upon the site address,

Looking at the significant achievement from this company, they have got the International Award (World Summit Youth Award) for promoting education in Nepal in the category “Education for All”.

That’s quite a significant achievement getting recognition out of Nepal for such excellent services.

This site offers free Check of 10,11,12 and T.U. Boards results of the recently published year.

It’s free to view the grade and mark sheet using this site.

So, guys, these were some of the top trending sites where you can get access to view your grade sheet along with your G.P.A., with a necessary amount of information such as symbol no. And D.O.B.

So if you have used any of them then don’t forget to share your experience over using any of them. Best of luck and best wishes to all the candidates for the results and a brighter and hardworking future ahead.

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