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How to remove the Stains from Your Carpet?

The carpet is the one the most important piece of your home decor. It not only provides comforting softness but also  ensures extra warmth underfoot. It also renders your flooring stain-prone. Do you agree that even without children or pets, there are chances of  spill or smudge? The reason can be anything of many but it can cause a dent to the beauty of your home. The spill permeates the fibres and becomes a permanent stain.

Do you recall the incident when a glob of meat sauce spilled on your carpet? To remove the stain, you began rubbing it with seltzer. Later, you realised  that you shouldn’t do that. As the stain is still visible and covers more space than earlier. This is high time when you should take help of professional carpet cleaning company.

They will help you get rid of these awful stains on your carpet in a systematic method. They have their expertise  and most efficient machines to deal with dirt on your carpets.

Common stain-removal mistakes

Rubbing the stain

Beware of this! Sometimes trying to remove a stain by rubbing can backfire. Rubbing strains massively may cause damage to the fabric. There are chances that the stain will get worse. You can avoid these issues by blotting a stain rather than rubbing it.

Over soaking the stain

Majority of us make this mistake. As soon as staining happens, we try to remove it with lots of water or stain removers. This ends up with a wider space to clean.  

Using hot water

Hot water appears to dissolve stains instinctively, but this is not the case. Hot water exacerbates stains that are protein-based. Examples of protein-based stains are blood, butter, or baby stains. Always rinse stains out with cool water rather than risking setting them with hot water.

Using the incorrect stain remover

There are no  certain guidelines that can help to select appropriate stain remover. Sometimes people get the wrong product for many reasons. This may cause a big trouble to their carpets or body organs.

Overusing Stain Remover

Make sure your preferred stain remover does its job. But you need to be careful not to over-saturate the stain. When dealing with carpets, excessive use of stain remover can make it difficult to rinse out. Better identify the stain and covered area and apply stain removers accordingly. 

The five step process to effectively get rid of stains on your Carpet

Some stains are so hard to remove and they consume more time and efforts. Typically the stains caused by coffee, fruit juice, wine, cream, chocolates and grease etc. used to be so stubborn. It is so difficult to get these types of stains removed from carpet. But if you instantly follow the 5 steps process mentioned below you will definitely succeed in getting rid of them.

Step 1

Simply, collect as much part of the stain as possible. Use a blunt knife or spoon in case the stain contains sauce, cream or other semi solid item. Scrape it very gently so that it doesn’t harm the carpet.

Don’t apply water or any liquid to dried spots like soil or mud. Instead gently remove dirt  using any blunt knife. Then vacuum the dirt area to collect the most mud or soil. 

The wet stains need more attention as they can spread. To avoid this, use a dry and clean cloth to blot the rug softly. This will help to remove liquid some stains from your carpet.

Step 2

Take a clean towel . Dip it in water, preferably cold one. Now squeeze the wet towel very well. Gently blot the stained part with the help of a squeezed towel.

Always avoid  hot water while handling stains on your carpet. Since high temperature of water will help spills set there. Such products like eggs used to spread with warm water.

Step 3

Selection of  perfect stain remover is very crucial while cleaning your rug. Sometimes, you can use a general dish cleaner. Being on the safer side, try it on a tiny part of the stained area of the rug. If you find there is no harm with carpet, you can go ahead with it.

Mix the tested cleaner with warm water, and prepare a thick solution.  Apply this solution  on the stained area. Keep it as it is for sometime.  Meanwhile, the cleaner will loosen the spot.

Step 4

Take a clean cloth and dip it in cold water. Do a gentle blotting on the affected area. This will remove the cleaning solution that we applied earlier.

It will also rinse the stain. You may need to do the same process many times until the area is free from stains.

Step 5

Finally, Do a gentle blotting to the treated area and remove water from that part. You are almost done.  Let the carpet dry. Don’t step on it until you find it dried.

You may think to apply  your hair dryer to dry it in quick go. But skip this idea as the direct heat may harm the fibre of the carpet. And it will damage the beauty of your costly carpet. Let it take its time and dry in a natural way.

You may need to repeat step three in some types of stains which are hard to remove.

In case you find the stains on your carpet is very old and hard to remove, you should contact professional carpet cleaning company.

A Word from Ryan Carpet cleaning

Ryan Carpet cleaning is a professional carpet cleaning company in the UK. We provide  high quality cleaning work at reasonable rates. We offer guaranteed results. We have trained and skilled experts. We strictly follow eco-friendly methods of cleaning. Even in case of genuine complaints we do free re-cleaning within 24 hours. This is why we are one of the top rated carpet cleaning service providers. You can book our service online.

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