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Is there any tool to check if my blog gets Google AdSense approval?

None other than guidelines by good adsense, manual check and adsense team.

  • Google has laid guidelines adhering to it gets any application approved.
  • You can also check manually if you’re ready to apply for AdSense. Here are some tips for the same.
  • In sure you’ve chosen an amazing niche upon which you write on. But do consider these preferred niches that are paid highest by google adsense.
  • If you fall inline with the tips and guidelines mentioned above you’re good to go and apply for AdSense. Once applied your site will be manually reviewed by adsense team and comments will be shared in a week or so.

Pro tip: Adsense isn’t the only way to monetize your efforts there are multiple ways with which you can earn good revenue. More than one way can be applied on your blog.

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