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Training in NLP can be rapid and easy. Individuals can learn it for themselves under the guidance of an active Neuro Linguistic trainer and coach. The successful benefits in training sportsmen go back to the 1950’s when skiers were observed and modelled using Neuro Linguistic techniques. They observed that we each have identical nervous systems, neuro, NLP Einführungsseminar which can be communicated with through speech linguistically and then programmed to absorb changes using NLP that would otherwise take years. Sports men and sports women now use these NLP skills to completely overall their performance.

Neuro linguistic training for sportsmen and women

Increased finances are another by product of Neuro linguistic training for sportsmen and women. Fast becoming one of the largest growth businesses in the world NLP is recognised by the top sporting practitioners. In golf, mental rehearsal has been used for a long time. However NLP now brings a whole new modern approach to mind skills and sports training for the mind. Sports men and women, particularly golfers, for golf is such a mental game, have come to realize the significance of the Neuro linguistic training techniques for the mind. With much improved focus and skill sets and many techniques from the NLP toolbox of techniques they can literally zoom their way to success.

The Mind With Much Attention Dedicated

Golf is almost entirely played in the mind with much attention dedicated to ease and relaxation. Neuro Linguistic training for the mind enhances the golfer’s ability to think clearly well defined thoughts and body co-ordinated moves. NLP is now well established as the way in which one accesses the support of the sub-conscious mind. Sports people have long understood the importance of training the mind prior to a big event and then merely going through the motions on the day. Tiger Woods practiced mind techniques and basic NLP without knowing it when he was just a small boy. With so much emphasis on training the mind in golf, NLP has become big business with many golfers having their own personal NLP coach going with them for support nowadays. Singers are able to train their voices with NLP – neuro linguistic programming and reach their fullest potential on stage. Individuals from all walks of life are enjoying success with Neuro Linguistic programming heralding it as the new way of thinking – . The new way to code the brain and the neurological system linguistically. Those using NLP on a frequent basis state that they feel far more in control.

It has been updated and improved and is now being used by ordinary

NLP was founded by John Grinder and Richard Bandler in California in the early 1970’s. Originally based on Milton Eriksson’s work It has been updated and improved and is now being used by ordinary everyday individuals all the way to the president of the USA. A wealth of artistry is available for learning how to code the mind and how it stores and remembers information. Teams, individuals, actors, dancers, singers, musicians, sports men and sports women alike are all learning and enjoying valuable new ways of gaining rapport with their fellow team members. Golfers arrive on the course relaxed and confident – some actively using their NLP skills on the green. All is possible as some of the NLP techniques can be performed very quickly and easily.

So what now,

Will you try it and get yourself trained as an NLP Practitioner or will you try it to improve your golf or other sporting activity? I think you NLP Einstiegsseminar will find that NLP will give you everything you ever thought an improved way of thinking could. If you would like to find out a lot more about Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Molly Ann Fairley, DCH, AIP, ABNLP, began studying the regenerative effects of NLP, Hypnotherapy, Meditation, Healing and Deep Relaxation in 1980. After extensive training in all three disciplines she set up in private practice in London.


Ann has enjoyed huge success in training those who wish to reach the top. She can count sports celebrities and artists amongst her specialised clientele. She encourages individuals to succeed and teams to bond. She helps those aspiring to succeed to find the very best within themselves.

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