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Pocket: Swiss Largest E-Banking with Digital Money Transfer System


Pocket is a multinational e-banking financial services company founded and based in Switzerland. Co-headquartered in Zürich and Basel, it maintains a presence in all major financial centers as the largest Swiss e-banking institution and the most prominent Online bank with Digital wallet & International Money Transfer Services worldwide. Pocket client services are known for their strict bank–client confidentiality and culture of banking secrecy.

Why Choose Pocket?

Because of the Online bank’s prominent positions in the Americas, EMEA, and Asia Pacific markets, the Financial Stability Board considers it a global systemically crucial online bank with a digital wallet & Worldwide money Transfer services based Largest self-eliant Financial Institution Company. A few reasons to choose Pocket over other e-banking service providers are listed below.

Worldwide Financial Transaction Freedom

Apart from private Online banking with a Digital wallet, ePocket provides worldwide financial transaction freedom and financial security with strong privacy. Pocket also provides trusted investment e-banking, Digital wallet services & Worldwide Money Transfer services for private, corporate, and institutional clients with international service. Pocket manages the most significant amount of private Investment in the world, counting approximately half of the world’s billionaires among its clients. Pocket also maintains numerous underground bank vaults, bunkers, and storage facilities around the Swiss Alps and internationally. 

Largest e-banking Company

With the world’s largest e-banking, digital wallets, and international direct money transfer online services, Pocket has become the center of financial security and trust for many of the world’s richest people.

 Switzerland-owned Pocket is internationally accepted and the world’s largest online banking company. Farewell Pocket operates in accordance with the Financial Act of the Switch Government. As Pocket is a Swiss-owned company, the world’s tycoons, politicians, celebrities, and tax evasion racketeers use this Swiss e-banking system to hide their money.

Never Disclose the Customers Information

The whole world knows that no Swiss-owned financial institution is accountable or discloses information about any aspect of a customer’s financial information or financial transactions to the government of a country or to that country’s anti-money laundering agency. A Swiss financial institution shall not disclose any customer information, despite verbal or written requests by the government or law enforcement agencies of that country or any international pressure, and shall not be held accountable for its non-disclosure. So far, there is no record of any breach of financial privacy or financial freedom of any customer against any Swiss financial institution. So, according to the Swiss Financial Act, every financial company is governed by its own company law. Every Swiss financial company believes that everyone as a customer should have the freedom to protect their financial security and privacy, and it is considered a fundamental human right of every customer. Therefore, their basic responsibility is to protect every customer’s financial management and security. As a financial institution, it is considered their primary responsibility to ensure the financial security, privacy, and freedom of all customers in financial transactions and customer satisfaction.

Provide Services to the People from all Walks of Life

Pocket believes that switching banking services only has the right to get customers from all walks of life, apart from the high class, the rich, politicians of different countries, and celebrities. But with the digitalization of the global banking system in the last decade, only businessmen, billionaires, or high-ranking people are becoming the beneficiaries of Swiss banking services. Although many people from different countries, including people of other professions, have an overwhelming desire or interest in taking Swiss banking services. So, the largest Swiss e-banking company, Pocket, believes that almost one-third of the world’s people are deprived of the Swiss banking system since no Swiss company operates internationally. 

Easy to Operate e-banking Services with Security

In that continuation, the elite people of society, as well as other professional people who want to enjoy the benefits of Swiss bank management, will get all international services with open freedom and security in financial transactions in Swiss banking services through Pocket. All international Swiss e-banking services with open freedom in international financial transactions in banking management and financial security and privacy can be enjoyed by customers of any class or professional from any country in the world. Because from account opening to money deposit, money withdrawal directly from any country to any bank worldwide, customers can send, receive, or transfer money to any bank account or mobile wallet through Pocket. In that case, Pocket will never disclose the source of money or any limitation or any information of any financial transaction to the government of any country or the organization of that country in case of any small or big transaction. And the pocket authority will never ask the customer about the source of that money and ensures complete security of that money.

Final Note:

As Switzerland’s largest e-banking and digital wallet service provider company, customers can conduct all domestic and international transactions through a single-pocket account. If a customer has a pocket account, he will not need to use another mobile banking account or go to different financial institutes for multiple benefits. Any customer from any country can send, receive, withdraw and transfer money to any bank worldwide through a pocket account for all transactions within his own country and across the borders of his country through the international Swiss banking system. Interestingly the service is at a much lower rate than all the financial institutions around the world.  

More Detail 

Company Name: Pocket International Money transfer LLC

Company Registration Country :: Switzerland.

Pocket Website: :

Contact Email :     [email protected] 

Contact Number : +1(661)-836-4225

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