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Redmi Y3 from Xiaomi – Full Specification

Xiaomi has been working extremely very hard fro all its mi fans out there and the massive growth seen in the craze of people for mi devices is immense and huge. Xiaomi has been on top of charts from past few quarters. It has been able to hamper markets for other companies quite well. One the best thing about xiaomi is that it openly challenges competitive devices from other companies with similar tests with it own new products at the launch events which has won people’s heart and yes it’s peaceful to the eyes to see such courage by a company CEO doing it at a launch event at INDIA. 

Today we are all about to focus on the all new xiaomi Redmi Y3, after releasing redmi as a brand itself, sooner Redmi Y3 was launched. It was done past few weeks ago. The redmi Y series has been always focusing on the camera performance as always, its been trying to provide all the necessary hardware and software for a beauty camera beast devices of a very medium ranged phones. Xiaomi phones are always been popular for amazing quality and specs at a greater price no doubt. Even this piece of article is being written on a 2.5 year old xiaomi device working all great. 

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The all new redmi Y3 comes with a 32 MP Front facing camera. Yes you read that right its front facing huge 32Mp camera. Anyhow the image takes looks more like a image taken by the camera of lesser mp but when looking at deep details the device doesn’t forgets to give you the 32Mp resolution and here’s where the xiaomi wins this set. While talking about the rear camera, this device features dual 12MP + 2 MP AI powered camera which Is quite good but as per the legacy its said it, this series been holding it all for the front camera. With AI Beautify 4.0 and AI Portrait mode features at your helm, this smartphone makes sure you look your very bestShine in low-light selfies on Redmi Y3. With its large 1.6µm 4-in-1 Super Pixel, even dark scenes are captured in great detail. The screen flash comes with auto adjust color for clear and bright selfies.Also the device features ultra wide 80° FOV lens that helps to take a wider group selfies.  The powerful AI-enhanced dual rear camera is able to detect up to 33 scenes in real time and automatically optimizes the setting to give you the perfect picture.

⚫ Display 

Talking about the display here, the device got a very beautiful dot notch on the top. The latest innovation aimed at maximizing the Full Screen Display experience. The design features the front camera without compromising on screen space.The high screen-to-body ratio results in a truly refined viewing experience. Which sounds quite amazing. The device features corilla glass 4.0 which makes its quite hard and durable when tested in drop tests its 4 times better than previous editions. And has cleared the test good enough. 

Now talking about the body the device carries forward the Aura Design with its stunning prism dual tone back. The entire surface shows 146 vertical stripes that is refracted from different angles to provide a distinct spectrum hue .  Which in short makes the body beauty and the performance is the beast. 
Now moving further ahead the device was launched in 3 colors1. Elegant blue2. Bold red (my fav)3. Prime black

⚫ Processor

Here now lets have a look at the processing units of the device. Redmi Y3 is powered by Qualcomm® Snapdragon 632 processor based on 14nm FinFET technology that exhibits high performance and consumes less power. And also its quite battery efficient so it’ll be producing minimum amount of heat which is quite good to hear from the device. 

⚫ Battery

The device features a huge 4000 Mah battery, which is also known as 2 days battery. The life of battery is good enough for such priced mobile. 

● Up to 9h 10 min Gaming

● Up to 51h 50min Calling

● Up to 10h 20min Video playback

● Up to 6h 10 min HD recording

● Up to 5h 30min FHD recording

● Up to 41h 30min Music playback

These are some of the test that we’re done by the company. Test reports may vary according to situations and battery life and maintainence. 
P2i’s Technology:A game-changing solution to common water damage.
P2i’s patented pulsed plasma deposition process creates a tough nano coat. This will protect the phone against humidity, everyday splashes and spills.This technology will enhance the durability of the device by reducing the risk of liquid damage.

And the starting price of the device is started to be 1000/- INR AROUND 16000 NPR but the device price in Nepal isn’t that its different than the prices at India. 

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