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Door to door sales

The economy is not looking good

Nowadays , people are losing their jobs and their homes, their life savings, their retirement, their business, etc. Some people will take almost any type of job as long as it meets ethical and moral standards, only to hold on to their homes and businesses as the economy picks up. I don’t want to sound so gloomy and gloomy because we hear about it enough every day Türsprechanlage from radio, television, newspapers and magazines. There are a few bright spots out there where a person can still make a few bucks, and if you’re willing to work, you can make a few big bucks, and that’s door-to-door sales.

Sales is among the highest paying jobs in America.

There are numerous products sold by doorstep sellers every day. The one thing you hear most about door-to-door selling is the vacuum cleaner. There are many people who have sold vacuum cleaners and made a living from them. Cooking utensils, better known as pots and pans. You may have to cook a meal to demonstrate your wares, but that’s not all bad. Home Security and Fire Alarm Systems is another good product that is sold door to door. Satellite dish, cable television, lawn care, home repairs, home entertainment systems, etc. are just a few products sold door to door. Most of these jobs are commission jobs, which means you won’t get paid if you don’t make a sale. Usually you can set your own working hours. Some companies will pay you a salary plus commission, but you must make sales with each of these jobs.

Let’s talk about the sale

Home security and fire alarm systems from door to door. Crime rates have risen due to the economic and labor market weakness and this makes a better market for the home security system. Most security companies will give you the basic system and install it and only charge for monitoring, and most of these sales (around 70-75%) are door-to-door.

That’s where you come in.

If you’re planning on giving the door knocker job a try, do a little research first. Before you start, you need to look in the mirror, are you clean-shaven, have your beard trimmed, are you dressed casually with clean clothes (no baggy pants), shoes look ok, are you wearing a company logo shirt if you have one . Have an ID card with company name and picture, attach it to a lanyard and wear it at the door. When the homeowner opens the door, they can see your ID and think you’re conducting a home invasion. Now you are ready to hit the road and knock on some doors, ring the doorbell.

Their Market Houses

From less than $100,000.00 to $110,000.00 is not your market. $125,000.00 UP is your market. Most of them have good jobs, pay their bills and have good credit. They care about their family, the investment they have in their home and want to protect it from burglaries, fire and burglary. You should do a little preparatory work before you ring the doorbell. Make sure the houses in the neighborhood are the ones mentioned above. When choosing a house to ring the doorbell, check it out first. Are the yards tended, are the hedges trimmed, has the grass been cut recently, do the flowers look okay, does the house look okay, does it need painting, are the shutters falling? If the cars are parked on the lawn and not on the driveway, under the carport, or in the garage, that’s not a good sign, people aren’t looking after the house and are probably renting it out.

The method

When you pull into the driveway and get out of your car (that’s the hardest part of door-to-door selling, getting out of the car), walk up to the door and ring the doorbell. When the homeowner comes to the door, step back and give them space, don’t rush them lest they think you’re trying to get in and/or harm them. Hold up your ID for them to see, and introduce yourself and the company you work for and the product you sell at the same time. First ask if they are the homeowner. (There are some things you can’t sell to renters.) If that’s the case, tell them you don’t want to bother them and you’ll only keep them for a few seconds ( it puts them in a relaxed state of mind) . Give them a chance to reply. Comment about the weather, how nice your yard looks, you like your car but make a nice comment or show off the house, the yard might be the boat behind. This will start a conversation and break the ice. You make a first impression in minutes and build trust, so you have to do your best. Then you can tell them why you left and what you have to offer.

The sale

Your main goal is to build enough trust that the homeowner can invite you into their home or either ask if you could come in and explain what you are selling and demonstrate or show them the product you are selling. This is the biggest obstacle to overcome, but once you do, it accounts for about 80% of the sale. Then it’s up to you and your presentation and knowing how to close the sale. In your conversation with the homeowner, try to identify a need for your product and Türsprechanlage fill that need. You should be familiar with the product you are selling so that you can go through the presentation smoothly. Answer all the questions asked and if you don’t know the answer or are not sure, use the mobile phone and get an answer. Once the presentation is made, shut up and give the homeowner a chance to speak. This is where the sale takes place.

In most cases

It is very important that the husband and wife are present at the presentation.


If you make a presentation just for the husband or wife, you won’t close the sale. They will tell you to check with the other person not at the presentation and they will get back to you. They know that 95% of the time they won’t call you back and when they do, they say they don’t want to. If you call her, same story. The sale must be made while you are in the house. If you don’t make the sale at the presentation, 95% of the time you make the sale when you want it.

If you are using a presentation pad or notebook,

Go through the pages explaining each page as you go and don’t make it too boring, inject a little humor to maintain interest and show you’re human too. If the customer is interested in the item you are selling most of the time, you can see that interest at the door. You should be friendly, respectful, use your manners and they will do the same. Door to door isn’t as bad as some people make it out to be. It’s like most jobs, it’s as good or as bad as you make it. I have been going door to door for many years and have met a lot of very good people and made new friends and I can tell you that it pays very well depending on how much you want to earn, how hard you work or how smart They work. Most commission jobs allow you to create your own schedule. Most people like this part. The pay is much better than if you are unemployed.

A good seller

Can always get a job. Some industries are Home Security and CCTV, Closed Circuit Television and Dish Network. These industries are always looking for good people and will train you if you are new to the job. Cable TV companies are typically looking for sales people and installers.

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