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Simple Travel Advice for the Tahiti Islands

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Do you desire prompt responses to all those bothersome inquiries consumers have concerning the Tahiti vacation? Let’s keep it brief and sweet as we provide Insider Tips for traveling more effectively.


When you arrive, use the ATM at Faa’a International Airport to get the best exchange rate when taking out local French Pacific Francs (XPF). If not then there are several ATMs located on Moorea, Bora Bora, and other nearby islands in addition to luxury tahiti vacation packages.

Ascertain that your ATM card is a Visa. Some ATMs do not take Diners or Mastercard. The rate of exchange utilized by restaurants, the arts and crafts market, and hotels is often 5 points less than what you’ll get at the ATM, despite the fact that dollars are frequently accepted there.

Alcohol Consumption:

Do you have any idea how much alcohol is permitted to be brought for the Tahiti vacation? Each participant is permitted to carry a total of 4 liters of alcohol. Two liters of alcohol may be purchased at your local store and packed in luggage. Or upon departure, purchase 2 liters of alcohol at the airport duty-free.

When you arrive at Faa’a International Airport, you may purchase 2 extra liters at Tahiti vacation Duty-Free, which is located in the luggage area after passing through passport control.

Consortia Benefits: 

When making a reservation for trinidad carnival 2023 parties, your clients will make use of your Consortia benefits whether you are a member of Ensemble, Signature, Virtuoso, Travel Leaders, Amex, etc. Simply include your IATA number, which identifies you as a member of a Consortia, as it is required by all significant resorts in French Polynesia. Resorts respect the final origin of the reservation, which is you and the travel agency.


Although not required tipping is always appreciated. If you are utilizing the butler service at one of the higher-class resorts, you can either tip daily or at the conclusion of your stay by giving the butler an envelope containing your gratuity.

Additionally, many businesses, including hotels, restaurants, and attractions, reward their staff with monthly incentives when you mention the employee’s name on Google, Facebook, or TripAdvisor because of their excellent service. Consider completing the hotel’s questionnaire on your experience as well. Don’t forget to mention the staff, since they also receive incentives at the end of the month.

What to Bring: 

Don’t bring too much! The following is solely for females. Men always seem to bring the right things. However, after the clothing information, there will be more information for them.


You may need a couple of pareos, as we say important for the Tahiti vacation. When it gets chilly in the plane or at night, they can be used as wraps. You may purchase them as soon as you get to the resorts if you don’t already have any. As the natives do, always wear! a rashguard for snorkeling to protect against the sun.

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