Social Media Post Images Sizes – Profile, Covor & Post Sizes


When you are choosing photos, shared pictures, and more social media assets, knowing the essential image dimensions won’t cut it.  All image dimensions below in pixels, width x height. 


Related image
Location (Page/Profile)WidthHeight
Profile Picture360px360px
Covor Image820px312px
Post Image Size1200px630px
Story Image Size1080px1920px
Event Image Size1920px1080px

If you are looking for Facebook cover images sizes, It will be given down below. Size of cover picture of Facebook group: “1640*856 pixels”.


Image result for instagram
Image LocationWidthHeight
Profile Picture110px110px
Image Thumbnail161px161px
Post Image Size1080px1080px
Story Image Size1080px1920px
Min( 600 1067 px)
Maximum Size: 4GB
Post Video Size1080pxDefault


Image result for twitter
Image LocationWidthHeight
Profile Image400px400px
Maximum: 2MB
Header Image1500px500px
maximum: 5MB
In Stream Image440px220px


Image result for pinterest
Image LocationWidthHeight
Profile Image600px600px
Minimum (180*180)
Pinned Image280px wide
Best: (735*1102 px)
Board Covor238px284px
Tiny thumbnails51px51px


Image result for youtube
Image LocationWidthHeight
Channel Icon800px800px
Channel Art (Covor)2560px1440px
Video Thumbnail1280px720px

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