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Top 6 Recommended Tools to make your SEO Strategy Win


An SEO Strategy helps you to increase your organic traffic and SERPs rankings. It is the method of planning and implementing different steps specially designed to increase your website’s ranking. To execute your SEO strategy in the right direction, you can use different online tools with excellent features. First, you need to build a strong SEO strategy that will help you to increase your website’s overall performance.

How to build a successful SEO strategy that really works?

Make your own SEO strategy by following the mentioned below guidelines:

Create Targeted Keywords List:

I) Make a list of your targeted keywords.
II) You can use different online tools for new keyword ideas and suggestions.
III) Try to find long-tail keywords because they are easy to target.

Analyze your Competitor:

I) Once you find your desired keywords, deeply analyze your competitor’s work.
II) You can use online website analysis tools to check your competitor’s way of implementing the SEO strategy.

Create Unique Content:

I) Now it is time to create unique, impressive, and strong content for your website.
II) Your posts or webpage titles must be unique and different from your competitor.

On-Page SEO:

I) Do SEO optimization of your website and make your Titles, Description, and URLs creative and effective.

Build Strong Backlinks:

I) Once you’ve posted the content, it is time to build strong backlinks to increase SERPs ranking.
II) All the backlinks must be relevant to your niche.

Usage of Social Media:

I) You can use social media platforms to grab more traffic to your website.
II) Nowadays, social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are now one of great sources of getting organic traffic. 

Update your content:

I) Keep updating your content after a specific period of time.
II) Further in this article, we’re going to discuss some excellent tools that you can use to make your SEO strategy successful.

Top 6 Recommended Tools to make your SEO Strategy Win

Mentioned below are the best online tools which can be used to build an effective SEO strategy:

    1. UberSuggest

    It is one of the best popular tools used to find new keyword suggestions and ideas for your website. The tool allows you to get detailed insights into the competitor’s website. Simply paste the URL in the search bar and get the complete overview of the website:

    You can also get a number of unique keyword ideas simply by putting the keyword in the search bar just as:

    Some of the best features of this excellent tool are:

    • Keyword Suggestions
    • Organic Keywords
    • Paid Keywords
    • Paid Ad Cost
    • Complete Backlinks Details
    • Email Alerts
    • Totally Organic Traffic

    2. Bulk DA Checker

    Domain Authority checker is used to check the authority of a website. The best domain authority of a website is calculated by Moz. The domain score will tell you how a website is performing in the SERPs.

    The domain score of a website ranges from 0 to 100, whereas a good Domain score is 50-60. You can use this bulk authority checker to check the DA of multiple sites. Simply paste the URLs in the required box and get the results within no time:



    • Multiple URLs: You can paste here up to 500 URLs in the input box of this bulk da checker.
    • Complete Results: The DA Checker shows all metrics like DA, PA, SS (Spam Score) and IP address.
    • Download the File: After getting the results, you can easily download the Excel file with one click.

    If you’re planning a strong SEO strategy, your website’s DA must be high. To increase the DA of your website, focus on the mentioned below factors:

    • Off-Page SEO
    • On-Page SEO
    • Make your website user-friendly
    • Clear your Social Goals 

      3. Ahrefs

      Ahrefs is one of the best SEO tools widely used for keyword research, backlinks analysis, detailed keyword analysis, and more. This online tool is also used to find out broken links and redirect tracers.

      For a detailed website overview, paste the URL in the input box and get your results:

      Key Features:

      • Keyword Research for 10 search engines
      • Total Organic Traffic
      • Backlinks Analysis
      • Analyze the SERP history
      • Broken Links Finder
      • Ranking the History of any website

      Ahrefs helps you find several relevant blogs related to your niche and also provides email alerts on keyword ranking. It also allows you to analyze the internal backlinks of any website. 

        4. SEMRush

        SEMRush is an excellent online tool that allows you to do keyword research, website analysis, and more. The tool is used widely for the website or blog audit purposes. You can also do a detailed backlinks analysis of your competitor and provide you with different tools to make your own link-building strategy.

        All you need to do is to put the URL in the input box for complete analysis as:

        Some of the best features of this amazing tool are:

        • Complete Traffic Analysis
        • Detailed Keyword Research
        • Branded & Non-Branded Traffic
        • Excellent Backlinks Analysis

        The tool provides a complete solution for SEO, content, and competitive research to make your SEO strategy successful.

          5. Google Analytics

          The popular tool is used to figure out the entire overview of any website. Those activities are users, session duration, bounce rate, and source of the traffic. Google Analytics is widely used for content marketing purposes.

          You can also get the complete audience report to see more information about visitors coming to your website. The ‘User Flow’ section shows you the visual breakdown of the coming audience.


          • Users: Shows the actual number of persons visited your website
          • Sessions: The number of times the audience have visited your website
          • Bounce Rate: It is the total percentage of the audience coming to your website 
          • Session Duration: This feature shows how long people stay on your website

            6. Google Trends

            It has a unique ‘Trends’ feature that analyzes the popularity of top search keywords in Google’s search engine. The best thing about this amazing tool is that it offers insights into the trends around any topic.

            You can data around google trends for the following marketing purposes:

            How to use Google Trends online?

            You can use the tool just by putting a topic into the search bar. 

            After that, four refinement options will be displayed on your screen such as:

            • Location: It shows the possible ranges from city level to global level
            • Timeframe: This feature allows you to go as far as 2000
            • Category: It includes different features like Arts, Sports, Politics, News and more
            • Search Type: Provide you different searches like Image search, Youtube search, and more
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