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Why darksaber is most powerful lightsaber in star wars

Since star war series has begun, we saw so many types of lightsabers in the series. They are considered as one of the coolest thing about star wars. However, one of the most unusual one of all these is the darksaber lightsaber. It is one of the most powerful and dangerous lightsabers with many distinctive characetrs. One has to be extensively brave and strong to hold it. This sword has black blade thats where it get its names from. This  lightsaber is shorter in it’s size as compared to the most of the swords you see in the star wars.

Features of darksaber

Having a Mendalorian profile with angular pommel and hand guard, this sword is one of the unique swords. It emits sound that is high pitched when ignited. It looks so efficacious.

The blade is sensitive to the wielder’s thoughts and actions. It responds to the emotional state of wielder as it produces electrical signals in response to high emotional states. A deep connection at subconscious level is present between dark sabers and it’s weilders. Maybe that’s the reason it’s easy to handle the darksabers as compared to other lightsabers.

What I find weird for this saber is that  Darksabers is not able to cut through the pure besker. Additionally, it has no power to penetrate a combat shield but it can dissipate a shield if contact is long enough. There are many stores online offering dark lightsabers to retractable lightsabers in their range. Zia sabers is best online store for such purchases. All these lightsabers are safe to play and affordable at the same time.

 History of darksaber

About thousand years ago, darksaber light saber was created by Tarre Vizsla. This blade helped them rule over the entire Mandalore. After the death of Tarre, Jedi kept this sword locked up in their temple at Coruscant. Tarrre’s descendants broke up into the temple and stole the darksaber back using it to unite their people and defeat any Mendalorean who opposed them. From that point forward, darksaber was considered as symbols of power. After darksaber was stolen from the temple, it remained with the house of vizsla for generations. From there it was in hands of numerous other Wilder’s until it reaches Bo-Katan Kryze who used it to become new Madalorian.

Symbol of leadership

Mendolarians took darksaber as a symbol of leadership of House of Vizsla. If one has to obtain darksaber, he or she has to defeat previous owner of this sword in a combat. Getting it without a combat can lead to a curse.

Symbol of curse

Darksaber was considered as symbol of curse among Mendalorian society. They believed that this curse could result in the destruction of Mandalore and it’s people. This curse could result destruction only if this sword is obtained outside of combat.

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