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WordPress vs Blogger! Which one should you choose for 2020?

In the era of extreme blogging with various sites offering blogging services, there come some of the top names such as WordPress, Blogger, etc. 

Also, today, along with a hot discussion will be coming ahead which one holds the best rank but also we can surely say both of them has come up with a very close ranking. Despite the fact ones suitable comfort might not get up with someone’s need else, so probably this is not a permanent end of the debate but a head to head comparison with into to both of our subject over their blogging field and history. 

What is a WordPress?

Well, WordPress is a very popular and very powerful content manager app/site for your blogs or website. So basically it’s one of the most used sites for such purposes. The site is duly freemium with some basic features available at free of costs including themes, fonts, layouts, also this offers the users to go premium with our ages to unlock an even more comprehensive range of variety of tools you’ll be requiring for the blogging stuff. It was released way back into 2003. It’s run by a corporation known as the WordPress foundation. This app is just let’s to simply the tons of work you need to perform to handle your blog for some minor tasks with its easy to use interface. 

What is a Blogger? 

So coming up next is Blogger or also Blogspot for several users who are familiar with this site. As similar to WordPress, this one is also a widely used content management site that leads the work for the contents to your blogs as apparent by the name blogger. Before into this thing, let’s clear some doubts over the Blogger and Blogspot thing. 

Blogger is the content management space whereas the Blogspot holds your domain stuff which also gives you a free custom domain with .blogspot in it.

So the Blogger was initially founded in 1999 by Pyra Labs, but then later it was acquired by Google in 2003. Unless it was 2006, every account was hosted on Google’s servers, making the services far better than Ever. Being hosted by Google Inc, So definitely is going to be damn good. 

Let’s start the comparison! 


So working with both WordPress and Blogger it does matter how you start, things being more convenient to begin makes the work more reliable to complete on time with perfection. 


After signing into your WordPress account, you’ll need to choose what kind of site you need, whether it’s a blog or business site all in one place for you to start. 

Comes next is the choose a theme section where are you are likely supposed to select any theme either free or paid as per your convenience. And finally into choosing the address portion. So after doing this much, WordPress finally moves you to the page you just wanted, and then you can start the work further. 


So while beginning for the Blogger, the first thing you’ll be asked after the signup process is your blog name, and then it also asks you to select a suitable blog address (URL) As per your requirement. Next is the choice of theme which you can also modify later on but now to start, you’ll have to select one or even make your customized one. After doing that Google does offer you an option to buy a domain from them, which is optional. So the starting process is all set here. 

Creating a post 

After leading into the page, the next step that matters is about creating the post. So no sooner you’ll be very much eager to feed your blog posts on the page and now to do that you’ll surely need some straightforward steps with easy work to adjust with the texts and images instead of working over vast programming to hold a post. 


After moving from the first step, in this second step, you surely need to either choose the create post option you can see on the screen without any issues but also if you have made the documents eddy with images and all the adjustments at the Google docs then using the mobile application you can quickly load that very similar doc to the page using the insert link option. Also, the page offers some wide range of customization with just some few clicks, which is very convenient. 


Similarly, for all the blogger users, it is not going to be any stricter part of posting a blog, 

So here you’ll need to follow up the WYSIWYG (WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET) Procedure here. 

So whatever you create over the create a blog post in whatever design or size of fonts, the very same will be posted to your site so you can be very quickly predicting how the blog looks when it’s done. So it very easy to add YouTube video, video, images etc. Also having a Google doc blog won’t be an issue here as well, you need to copy the thing and paste the shit only over here, and you are done! 

Personalizing the Blog 

So after so much of work now to the final section! Personalization and it’s very important too. 


So with even more possible aspects of customization from the Blogger, WordPress takes it this step ahead from it. So with every known feature such as WordPress allows to customize words, fonts, size, images add or remove, resize, colours etc. so much with the very easy user interface of drag and drop. 

Also not to forget to mention you can also install a wide range of plugins to make it feel even better. 


So no doubt after learning to post, and also after some posts you’ll surely need to make some changes to the layout as per your need and page’s requirement so in Blogger you can easily change themes without issues and also offers you a wide range of gadgets to add with drag and drop features to make it better. But even nothing the term the cleaner it looks the better response a blog gets. 

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